Interesting hi freq cuttoff on SPAN? normal?

Interesting hi freq cuttoff on SPAN? normal?


Did some full mix analyzing using SPAN and noticed an interesting thing. one of the first songs I checked was Chevelle’s “Face to the Floor”. On the hi end there was a hard cutoff at 10k. The horizontal line went straight down lol.

So i checked a few others. here was VH Poundcake. hard cutoff at 11.7k

what is this? is this a youtube thing? a digital thing?

I checked hendrix “House Burning Down” and it didnt have the hard cut off, it sort of rolled off gradually up around 15k etc

any ideas??

Thanks, JJ


Are you loading 16bit 44.1khz (CD quality) files, or MP3 files into your DAW?


most lossy compression is going to band limit it like this.


Did you mean lossy?
I always thought that Van Halen album had crap production. The drums sound good, but the bass is boomy and the midrange is missing. If it’s MP3 yeah, it limits the highest highs to compress the sound.


Yes I did.


The highs are naturally gonna start to trail off the further up you get because there is less musical information up there (just hi-hats and sibilant vocal consonants). The roll off is totally natural, but the dead cutoff before the half way point at 22,050Hz if you’re using CD audio is not unless it’s a lossy signal. Love you.

Edit: I’ve noticed Alex Van Halen’s kit cuts off earlier than most drums though, because of the way he plays the cymbals. He has a wishy washy sound, where other more brittle and metallic sounding hi-hats tend to extend further up in the frequency range.


yeah, MP3’s

i was a little shocked at the Chevelle one. Dead cut off at 10k?? wow


It also depends on the bitrate of the MP3, the lower the bitrate, the earlier the cutoff. 96kbps is SHIT!


crazy how it (chevelle song) still sounds great though


Here, since I have F.U.C.K. on CD, here’s lossless “Poundcake” in Reaper.


Eddie probably got tired of Alex’s cymbal wash and snuck in and cut the high end off lol


I love the song “Drop Dead Legs” from 1984, but fuck’s sake the cymbals are RIDICULOUS in that song. Especially during the “You know that you want it” part. Listen to that song again.


i dont have to, im well aware for about the last 30 years lol.

Unchained chorus lol


wowzers, they really hammered on that LPF. That’s pretty surprising to see in CD. I gave away all my CDs, but now I’m wishing I could go check some of them to see if the old tape->CD albums were all like this. Do you have Ride the Lightning? That one sounds like it’s pretty low passed.


I have it. Deleted the other two because the graph in this one is better. Used Audacity to analyze, it’s an original Australian pressing, this one.
This is a sample from “Trapped Under Ice”. @CPF has the American CD, I don’t think it’s much different.


You’d be surprised how many discs look like that. Here’s Enter Sandman just for comparison.

No, I have the Vertigo pressings of the first two, the Kill 'Em All does have the two bonus tracks, but they’re not listed. I have the American retail Elektra pressings of Master of Puppets and the Black album, and the $9.98 CD EP, and I have the BMG …Justice for All on CD. It’s confusing, I know. I also bought the new one on opening night and got all the cool shit with it last year. Damn, it’s been a year already.


Double beat me to it, but if you are curious about anything '80s or early to mid '90s rock, I probably have it and could analyze it for you.

P.S. No slouch with the '70s either.


That’s a wav file from the CD?


Yes, Blackman-Harris FFT: 1024, details in the top right corner of the picture.
Don’t tell me you sold the black album too!


Here it is in audacity like @doubletrackinjive did for the comparison. I swear to God I’m not nuts. I kinda like that graph better too.