Instrumental - Way Too Long (that’s the title, not commentary)

Been kicking this simple idea around for a few weeks. Finally got a chance to record it yesterday. Fun stuff, hope you enjoy it.

I’m apparently out of shape on drums (can’t keep that right arm going on the ride and hi-hats at that tempo that long at the moment) so only one take…that’s the one you get! Have a great weekend everyone!


I know this is still an instrumental, but I’ve heard you sing, and I anticipate there will be vocals before too long.

You establish a quite likeable musical hook, fly, and the overall tone is very pleasant on the ears. Drums might not be to your standards, but for me they sit in the mix so nicely I’d never complain.

To me, the nearly fading out at the end of the verses is also appealing, like false endings, running out of steam, then finding more energy to go the next verse. Very tasty pop rock!

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Thanks for the feedback. I would definitely like to add vocals at some point.

I do worry it’s a bit heavy on the bass guitar. I think I’ll pull it back a bit.

Hey this is really solid, and pretty damn good for a single drum take. I think I’ve said it before but your drum sound is fricken amazing, especially your hats and cymbals. Very articulate without being harsh.
Very cool instrumentation, and the mix sounds great although I’m sure it really holds its own as an ‘instrumental’, and would probably benefit from a topline melody of some description.
Not sure if you’d planned on laying down vocals, but it’s definitely singing out for some, pun intended.
Good stuff man.

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Thanks. I definitely want to get some vocals in there. I just have these little spurts of time once every 4 or 5 weeks so I have to be super efficient. I recorded this one in about 3 hours last Friday. I have a cache of lyrics. I’ll read through and see if any are calling out to me. If not, I can write some new lyrics.

Thanks for the compliments on the drum track. It’s taken so long to get drum recording semi-figured out. It was a welcomed challenge, but often frustrating. Tuning, drum/cymbal positioning, mic selection, mic number and position. And then EQ and compression, sometimes reverb on the snare or room mic. I never quantize or replace drum sounds. I’m doing this for the love of it, so no reason to back down from the challenge. I’m overall happy with it. Definitely more work to be done, and I second guess things throughout the process. It’s a journey!

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Wow, definitely digging this! It’s transporting me back to the 90s. It think the sound is pretty balanced and the timing on the drums could use a little tightening here and there (but fantastic for a quick take). I’m looking forward to hearing this with vocals!

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Nice job. It is well balanced, but it is definitely begging for vocals. Sounds to me like the vocal hook should fit in nicely on the verse fades to really make it stand out. Hope you find the time to flesh it out…

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Thanks, me too! On a long stretch at work involving multiple back to back weekends…then there are the wonderful and time consuming responsibilities of fatherhood…so I’ll do what I can!