Instrumental rock mix - Revrie

Could you help out with this mix. I wrote this about 2 years ago and 2 weeks ago I re-recorded and mixed it. Any feedback is appreciated.

@Chandler! Some great guitar work! I’ve heard a number guitar instrumental tracks attempted over the years. Yours is being done the right way. It actually feels like a song, not just like a jam track. Great stuff and I’m already listening again. :wink:

I have some questions on the other instruments. Can you tell me how you tracked the bass and drums? The drums sound like an electronic kit, which can be usuable, but right now it’s not matching up with your guitar work. I’m hearing a ton of compression, particularly with the cymbals that can be pretty distracting.
With the bass track, I’m wishing I could hear more happening. On a 3-piece band arrangement, the bass guitar is carrying an even bigger role than just bringing in the lows. It’s ok to have more upper mids on the bass guitar to help support that guitar while lead parts are happening. It helps bring some cohesiveness to the band. Those are a couple quick observations. :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work man! Seriously, I want to hear more of this from you. This one feels a bit like Andy Timmons to me. Another one of those guys that does it right :+1:

Well done!

I enjoyed this! I’m listening to it a second time now.

On my first listen, I felt that the lead guitar was either too loud, or too far forward compared to the other instruments. On the second listen, it doesn’t necessarily feel too loud, but… when I picture the guitar and drums playing together, it sounds like the amp is right in front of me, and the drums are far away in a corner somewhere. I’d rather feel like the whole band is tighter. I also felt like at times, the instruments weren’t all playing together convincingly enough. I might go back and look at the transients in your DAW and see if things could line up better, just on downbeats and stuff. Maybe the guitar sounds a little early sometimes?

I also wonder if the guitar could use a bit more air. I can imagine a reverb that has some higher frequencies in there, up around 10k. Just an idea. I have no idea if it would actually sound good, but I guess the tone is a little too round to me. Could be a taste thing. I do like your guitar playing. At times it reminds me of David Gilmour, which is always a good thing!

Very good overall, I like this. The song is well written, the guitar is very well played with good sound and phrasing. I really like instrumentals, there’s just soooo many vocals out there!

The bass and drum sounds are not very good to my ear, I think there are better quality plugins out there. Mixing real instruments with virtual instruments is always a problem, but better quality patches should help. Good work though!

@holster Thanks. I did have to much compression on there and I tried to narrow the stereo feild and that made things even worse. I took that off in the new version, so hopefully things sound better. I also tried to make the bass a little more prominent.

@Cristina Thank you for the kind words. I took your advice and went back and tried to tighten things a bit. I wanted to keep a raw feel to the song, but you’re right, it was too much, so I tried to make thing a little tighter. I also tried to fix the drums.

@ingolee Thanks. I tried to change the drum and bass sounds, does it sound better now.

I appreciate all the kind words and I’m happy that the song seems to be on the right track. Hopefully I can get the mix to come together. Is the 2nd version better or worse?

Really nicely done. I am not a fan of a lot of effects played, but this works because the guitar is not competing with anything and can shine. Really liked when it goes more rockish I think about 2:40 or was it 1:40. ha ha Kinda tells a story without vocals if you get my drift. Congrats



This sounds great! I love the space in it…Not listening on a decent system now, but I’d like to take a listen on my studio speakers at home.

Noticeably better! This is really coming along nicely. Good work!!

Nice track man ! Would be a great track to also put some vocals on ! At least it makes me wanna sing :slight_smile:

That’s a good indication that you have a great instrumental track :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback. Is there anything else that sticks out that needs fixing?

@feaker Thanks. I wanted to write something that could stand on its own without vocals, which is IMO hard.

@ColdRoomStudio Thank you for the feedback. One of the reasons I wrote this was to try to make something more sparse. I usually try to cram too much in, so I wanted to try to do the opposite.

@DeRebel Thanks. I never thought about putting any vocals on it, but maybe if I play it with my band I’ll remix it and add some.

@holster Thank you for all your feedback. I love Andy Timmons and he was actually the inspiration for this song.

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Yes! That helps a lot I think.

Well, I guess it need ssome slight rearangement to realy make it a vocal track.So the lead parts are placed a bit more tactical, to fill up the blank spots between vocal lines instead of competing. If you weren’t in a band I would offer some collaberation, cause I’m looking for stuff to do with my voice, but I don’t want to be pushing :smiley:

Good luck with it if you get to it !

Nice guitar tone and playing but the drums do need a bit of work cymbals sound distorted maybe bit of eq hi pass and the whole kit needs to come up in the mix