Instrumental Drum&Bass, Jazz-Fusion, Dubstep

I’ve wanted to combine EDM with jazz fusion for a while, but I tried to go a little farther with this than I have previously. Its not perfect, but I tried to push myself to do some new stuff and squeeze out something more original. Anyway, this is the first mix. Anything you like or dislike? Any mixing problems?

I was going for a Allan Holdsworth meets, Squarepusher, meets Skrillex type of sound. Didn’t quite get there, but what do you think?

2nd version(more bass on dubstep drop)

3rd version(louder drop)


Polka Pop Punk is the genre slurry I’ve been wanting to tackle for some while although I haven’t the foggiest about where to begin.

I like the ideas in your track and why the heck ain’t it perfect then? Ida probably jammed too many instruments in on this but I still think it needs more than what is there currently. I dunno any of the artists you mentioned so I won’t mention I have no clue who you’re talking about.

First mix… I would hate to be an actual physical drummer sitting on their stool trying to stop my arms from falling off before finishing the performance, but, then I’m old, maybe them prodigy youngins got arms of steel nowadays.

Let’s hear more when ya get it.


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Hi Chandler - I really enjoyed that - it’s a cool mix of styles! I loved all the risers and the dynamic shifts. Really digging the piccolo snare work too - those drum sounds work well for that aspect of the music. The energy is really good.

I wasn’t as keen on the dubstep “drops” - not because I don’t think it’s a great idea - Rather the sounds don’t quite cut it. Those dubstep drops have a BIG sub bass element to them - the way the kick drum hits with the synth saw bass creates that huge impact - but I’m not hearing that here… it needs to be a bit more like this IMO:

Maybe change up your kick sound for those drops.

Cool direction!

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Thank you for the feedback. I added a 2nd version with more bass on the kick drum for the dubstep drop. Hopefully that helped. I don’t have a sub here, so I’m not sure, but it seems to be hitting a little harder. Is the 2nd version any better?

Yeah, definitely better - sounds good on my sub in my studio, and I checked it in my car, and it is well under control.

The only thing is, they dynamics aren’t quite right. Notice how your loudest drum hits on the build to the drop actually peak higher than the drop? You really need to exaggerate that drop so it hits you like a tonne of bricks. It needs to go a lot louder and denser there.

Maybe even try some 808 style basses under those kicks to give a sense of size… I did a cruddy little mockup of what I’m talking about. Just a quick thing, but I think it gets the message across:

I get what you mean. I just uploaded a 3rd version. I boosted the drop volume a bit to get more power. Unfortunately one of my speakers is blown, so my mixing might not be too accurate. Hopefully this is better, without being too over the top.

This is amazing work @Chandler! It reminds me a bit of Jojo Mayer / Nerve in all the best ways. Keep this up. I’m loving this :beerbanger:

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Thanks. I love Jojo Mayer’s drumming. It amazing how he can make real drums sound like a crazy programmed beat.

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Hi Chandler,
I am enjoying this jazz-fusion journey.
Love the electronic vibe and the beat is so alive.
Of course, the guitar is so cool.
I love the sound you created, and the melodies are quite sophisticated.
Well done.

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Thank you Rene,

I wanted to try something new and stretch my harmonic, melodic and production abilities. I’ve actually wanted to make something like this for the last 20 years, but I didn’t know enough about production to do it before. This still isn’t perfect, but I’m glad I made the attempt and tried something off the beaten path.

Hi Chandler I looked at the track length and thought e gad am I going to make it for five plus minutes? ha ha This was fun for me. The intro repeating the first 23 seconds or so wanted me to hear more sooner. I am a type “A” Like that fonky sound at about a minute. It just works well there. You have so many things going on it is hard to comment on all of them. The drums are a bit busy but I got to realize as it went along they had to be that way. I usually can place in my mind (what’s left) a setting for this track. I would classify it as unusual which is my fav genre. A cool ride/experience peace bro

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Thank you feaker,

I tried to make something a bit unusual. Of course it is hard to make something completely original, but I at least wanted to make something that I hadn’t heard before. I’m glad it provided a new experience.

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Same! I’d love to see him in concert some time!