Instigated- my last song of 2018!

This was a 2-day song, just finished a couple hours ago. I used a lot of Boz effects and ReaFIR noise cancellation on the vocals. And even though it is what it is, I think it came out pretty good. But, please, bash this! And Happy New Year Everyone!

Instigated by Steve Bancroft

Everyday I beat myself up with the incessant news
I think I’m addicted to my political views
I’ve tried to cut back to an hour or two a day
Just enough to work me up and keep on top of the debate

For I may feel a need to share my point of view
At any given time, in person or online
Instigated by some factoid
That whizzes ‘cross my mind

But most of the time I’m like everybody else
So overwhelmed by the endless stream of stories only caring about myself
Incrementally adding to the known unfinalized burden of proof
Wishing they could just wake me up when it’s over with the truth

But it really doesn’t matter if Greenland is melting away
If you are happy with your friends and loved ones today
‘Cause glaciers are important and should not be forgotten
But bitterness a trap you don’t want to be caught in

Yes, someday I may have an urge to stand up and speak my mind
Or maybe even contribute twenty dollars or volunteer my precious time
At any given time, in person or online
Instigated by some factoid that whizzes ‘cross my mind

For I may feel a need to share my point of view
With anyone around or maybe even you
In person or online, and maybe cross the line
Instigated by some factoid that whizzes ‘cross my mind

Instigated by some factoid that whizzes ‘cross my mind
‘Cross my mind

Please don’t try to pity me, I’m the same as every one of us
Buffeted by daily bombshells, trying to ascertain what’s most horrendous
Wondering, have I too become desensitized
Has my tolerance for craziness finally capsized
My little boat so far from the shore on the stormy seas
Endangering my usual sensibilities

I hope that I can keep my head above the water so treacherous
As the torrent of current events rapidly unfolds around us
Maintain, I suppose, a modicum of discipline
A sense of continuity of unshakable opinion
Even though I know there are times I’ll lose control
Instigated by some factoid that fixates in my soul

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Can we just have a REALLY basic submix of THE awesome guitar riff you did in the 7/8 or whatever time/sig it is in… with a SIMPLE accomp. keyboard support (no vocals yet) and a DRIVING rock drumbeat in the style of…


Its quite hard to follow in places. :slight_smile:

wow that was quite the undertaking. well done.


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Wooh yep, a dreamy trippery journey… I abandoned all thoughts of bashing and allowed myself to ride along where the music took me. Some cool twists and turns, both lyrically and melodically and the sounds created a spacey sequence of images for me. I enjoyed the fx while at times a part of me tended to intellectualise them as they blended together a varietal array. I liked the contrast with the punchy guitar and drifting imagery… a contemplative creative ending for the year… :sunglasses:

Hi Nice intro. Nice soft vox with a nice vibrato. Not a mix guy to help you, It felt like I took some kind of a mind stimulating enhancer listening along. (in a good way)
This is really different and I like different. My fav is when it got going at the three minute mark. The first part was just a little long. Hope you get some good feedback

Cool, I like it. I think you have to be stoned though.

It is a 6/8 and quite confusing for me, but I tried to use only patterns that were 6/8. What came out when playing along with two synth pads was dramatic and surprising. Funny how you point to Kashmir as I thought it was similarly styled.

Thank you, Emma! It was amazing how it simply rapidly congealed. But the title inspired the words, and the words became the song.

Well, I suppose so. :sunglasses: I wanted it to be fun trippy.

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Not really that surprising, to me tbh :slight_smile: It was the only real musical motif I could recognise throughout. The rest could be described as ‘fluff’ or maybe even ‘wallpaper’ as it was hard to discern as a listener, where it was headed or when it even got there.

Thats probably overly analytical, but I was really looking for more ‘focus’ - maybe your next project may have it, or even your next remix, if we are lucky.

Best of luck, anyway.