Inside your mind...done...thanks peeps

This song is about the news agencies in general. It is not political. Who do we believe? There I got that off my chest. :slight_smile: thanks all for the visit and tips


             Inside yur mind                                              

base CAPO 2

E A B There is no right …there is no wrong… only in-between’s D G A

E A B No need to hide…take a side…don’t bring no gasoline D G A

F#m C#m A G#7 Do not shout …talk it out …no need to be obscene Em Bm G E7

G Cm A B E Hear what’s on the other side… you need not be so mean G Bm G A D

G time to realize better open your eyes …what yur hearin is truth or a pack a dam lies

         Syncopated Sydicated fabricated overrated plantin bad stuff inside yur mind  Em ….. 

           Em D G..... In your mind  G.....G G D Em …...Into your mine .....E 

E A B Don’t stop now,…what the heck …. lets talk on big tek D G A

E A B They’re controlin…how you think… make your head a mess D G A

F#m C#mGE7 Don’t say that…they’re listening…each word you say they check Em Bm G E7

A Cm G A B E censor you… lose your friends … you’ll be a awful wreck G Bm G A D

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The flanger doesn’t sound too busy, until you start singing; and then I think the flanger does distract from the vocals. Other than that, I think it all sounds good too me…though I will still lobby for a more dramatic song ending. Nice song, guitar playing and singing.

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Hi aaron yeah, the ending. I have two out of the three minutes so far. At least that is what they tell me a track is supposed to last. Just some thoughts I had put into a melody line. Lots to go yet, but had to get away for a couple of days. thanks for your two cents :slight_smile:

Hi Paul, nice and different, this one… The “syncopated, syndicated… etc” line somehow reminds me of The Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus”…

I think the flanger is appropriate for the material…

My suggestion would be to try some different guitar chord voicings to try to separate the guitar sound from the vocals more. At present, the chord voicings you are using in the verse are sitting in the same frequency space as the vocals, so getting separation between them is difficult. If you played the chords higher up the neck, or on higher strings, it would leave more space for the vocal, IMO.

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Hi Andy It is so hard to do something really different than one’s "normal " stuff. For me, so easy to get stuck in a sap trap. I googled words that end in ated and just plucked those lyrics. :slight_smile:
I don’t know if you noticed, the right side of the lyric sheet has a capo 2 area for chords. I first did the song in acoustic and then changed it. Seems like in the key of E I couldn’t find and area on the fret board that was easy. I will google that. The Em still had to be barred etc. I’ll mess with that. Takes a few days to get away and then attack again.
Great to see the board pick up a notch. maybe…?

I love it when you do this kind of stuff Paul! :beerbanger:

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Great stereo feel, it is very well recorded, I feel a certain sense of depth of space in this song. I love the bass, I love it all. I think the flanger is fine or maybe a tad less. It works really well with this song. Great job Paul.

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Hey boss I’m weird and I’m good with that. I don’t like those who lie also. ha ha peace friend

Hi James I threw this together in just a few hours. Kinda throw stuff against the wall and see if it will stick. I am not a good mixer. I put one prs flanger 100% left and one generic prs (set to tuner) 100% right. Bass (pawn shop squire), drums, and me center. I put a guitar plugin called ampire on my voice to give it a bit of an edge. I think I am now going to pink floyd it a bit. Thanks for the listen and comments… Now back to the studio

It’s a fun little tune Paul. I think you’re right on target with the lyrics. I probably would have gone a bit farther, but that would probably be political (which is okay for Bash songs IIRC).

The flanger does seem to be integral to the song. Maybe a bit less in places, some variation, but a nice touch for the overall vibe. Like Andrew, I also got the feeling of “I Am the Walrus” around 0:34. The BGV’s are a bit low, but the whole tune is kind of subtle so it’s hard to say. I’d love to hear the softer parts evolve into a hard powerful electric chorus. That would bring some BGV’s up to level IMO.

Just a few other thoughts.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” - Mark Twain

And another one from the same author:

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” - Mark Twain

Important to consider when mass media and Big Tek are in cahoots with government. We never thought schools would be political, but nowadays instead of A to Z they teach LMNOPQ (or something like that … I have a hard time keeping up). My simple rule is “question everything”, and then those mass media narratives just seem like fairy tales that New Wonky Odors wants you to believe. :wink:

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Stan THE man How are ya bud. I thought the same thing about bringing in some power into this track. I always start out basic and then start changing up. I worked on it yesterday and made some improvements. My lead guitar playing is just awful. I tracked a D A C Em then back to E to be put in before the second verse where a little lick will have to go. I was and still am the rhythm player in our band. I think there is a good bed for this one, but right now it is quite lame. I am averaging a song every other week now, so that still works. Topics are a struggle.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit. peace friend

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Other than the craziness of the world we now live in, and the lying media lying to us about it, I’m doing alright. Thanks for asking. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you’re doing well also.

You’re writing and recording, so that’s great. I’m trying to get myself to do it, but I guess it’s that crazy world stuff that just has me entranced. I would think topics would be a breeze in this day and age, lots going on, and lots of stuff blowing up and falling apart. Even Hollywood has gone slap-happy. :smirk: I think your song topic here was a great one. I could have lots of fun writing lyrics for this topic, maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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You have great ideas. I have keyed off a few…thank you very much.
I never know what is going to pop out. I just play on each line. Much of what I do doesn’t make any sense. There is no right there is no wrong only in be tweens. What the hell does that mean anyway. haha
I know one thing. There is no pressure to be great in this old boy. This song writing process, to me is like putting together a 1,000 word puzzle. That first peace is a b----h. Then you start seeing likenesses and possibilities.
Take this song and run with it. I bet you could make it fly. I don’t have the chops for that. Lastly. I don’t care what happens to these tracks. The fun is in the making.

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Thanks for the insight to your process. I never really thought of it quite like that. For me, there’s always a clear inspiration for a song, and general lyrical and musical markers. The first part, the inspiration, is usually quite easy and clear for me. Capturing that spirit in text and musical notes isn’t as easy, but I try to cement the idea so I don’t forget it. The hard part for me is then just pushing forward to keep the process going. I have faith it will work, it always seems to work out - more or less. But all the steps slow down the implementation of the vision/inspiration, which can cause a loss of passion. Finding the right lyrics to fit in can be tedious, so I get your puzzle analogy. But I have usually been able to make it work with patience.

Thanks for that. I’m sure I would write a different song, different lyrics and different music, but you certainly have inspired me towards the topic. That is one of the things I’m very passionate about - how the media plays us.

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The keep at it is the toughest for me. I finish in the studio and as I watch tv i start messin with some riffs and… then want to start something new and have to force myself to finish the present one. Last night I started playing some chords from “guitar man” that run down from Am "you listen to the music… I had to google those chords. Pretty cool how they turned the Em to an E. That is what I did with inside your mind. Anyhow I will be getting this new one going soon. Fun to chat Stan. The world is in fact in a mess and it helps me to put some of it to music.

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Hi feaker,
This is a good way to get something off your chest.
I think you really did a good job on this song.
Very relevant, and the melody structure is excellent.
Vocals and instrumentation is pretty good.
I am enjoying and like this song!!!