Inmusik - blockchain music platform

Inmusik - blockchain music platform


I came across this and found it really interesting. First here’s an explainer video which is short.

This is a webinar talking more about it, 35 minutes.

I only watched a little of the webinar so far, but this seems like a pretty innovative approach for the future, so I wanted to share it.


This is so cool! It’s like… haha it reminds me of this sub-reddit where people talk about memes as if you can invest in them. (Meme Economy. It’s pretty hilarious.) On this platform you can literally invest in songs, and if you “get in on the ground floor” of a hit you can profit off of it. I’m looking forward to getting on this new platform and seeing how it evolves. I like how it encourages people to seek out new music. It could be a lot of fun for music bloggers. Really cool stuff.


I’m glad you like it. I’m curious to learn more too and see how it evolves.


Super interesting. I’m going to watch through this tonight! Thanks for the heads up!


Yes it does! Very cool idea! Will watch tonight as well. Thanks for posting.


It’s funny how they use the words immutable and block chain in the same sentence.