Indigo - Instrumental

Indigo - Instrumental

This is a new song I’ve been working on for an amp simulator demo. I wanted a light rock, Joe Satriani type vibe. Any feedback on the song or mix would be appreciated.


Really nice - Great melodies and tones, very cool swinging groove too. I love how you arrange the different tones to come in like different voices.

For the full Satch vibe, I was expecting the solo section after the drum break/breakdown to be a little more furiously legato, screaming and manic, with some big dive-bombs, perhaps? (Maybe something like the bridge in “Always With Me …” from 1:06 in that song) You went pretty smooth and laid back there…Something with a little more biting tone and aggression might provide some more contrast there… just a thought… still great as is though!

Mix thoughts: The low mids might be just a little too full - that bass guitar and the toms have a lot of low-mids in them. I’m thinking it might translate better across different systems if you trimmed that just a tad.

This is great - you should be happy with it - really nice composition!

BTW, what is the amp sim? Sounds excellent, but I’m sure the great sound is more down to the player than the gear. :+1:

Thanks. I’ll try to get rid of a bit of the the low mid mud. You are right I didn’t go all out with the solo. Maybe I should have. My guitar with the whammy bar is having electrical issues unfortunately, so no divebombs.

The amp sim is MTurboAmp(not officially released yet) from Melda production. I think it sounds good, but I’m biased. I’m happy to say I created all the sounds in the song(except the drums). I designed the amps, the impulse responses, bass synth, etc. It was fun to do for that fact alone.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

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Beautiful music here @Chandler, I like this a lot. It’s great that you have your own sound for instrumental rock. I hope you post some more for us!

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Sounding real good, @Chandler !

This song has a very nice feel. Very laid back and enjoyable. Nice job!

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Very nice/cool…fav at 1:12 ish

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