I'm walkin on air..got tired of water

I'm walkin on air..got tired of water


I confess to you that I in fact am a romantic. Keep making these love songs???

added a swell guitar sound to the intro outro


acoustic guitar is sounding good on here! The whole thing is sounding good on my earbuds. :beerbanger:


Thanks boss. It’s not the greatest, but I did chock up another one. On to something dirty now:)


Great melodies Paul. Despite your rigorous protestations to the contrary, you are very good at this, and you’re getting better with every song you post.


Nice of you to say Andrew. Just about the time you can’t figure out what to say, something pops up? I always say, “well that is my last one” ha ha Thanks bud


Sounding good. I think you should bring the drums and bass up more.


Thanks Eric, I am on it :slight_smile:


The acoustic guitars sounded nice, especially the picking part in the intro.

ColdRoom mentioned that he thinks you’re getting better and I agree. It does sound like you’re improving. Your timing seems tighter than it used to be too.

Nice work sir!


Hi there Mr W :slight_smile: Yes that intro was a “stretch” for me. It is a D chord and you have to get your little finger up to the “A” note. Quite the distance, but I have a ten inch span from thumb to pinky. (Wish the rested of me was that gifted) Funny you noticed the better timing thingy, because I actually moved one of the tracks that was a little too out in front. ha ha
I have been looking for ways to improve on it, but it seems to sound worser when I tweak?
Thanks for the listen and comments



“I am crazy happy and it’s all because of you…”
Very nice lyrics, @feaker, very romantic. They are worthy of the song itself, a very easy to like acoustic melody with such lovely development. I can’t appreciate fully the technical aspects, but the end result I can. The soft drums and claps are a good fit. The bass is so full I feel it in my chest. Your voice hearkens back to the best of Davy Jones or Peter Noone here, it’s that kind of a song. Well done!


Hi Steve I like your hair…I have very little left. ha ha For a while I shied away from my acoustic guitar because they are such a beast to tame. I have a cheap Tackamine and that doesn’t make it any easier. I also just found out thru experimentation, that I could lower some of the elements in EZdrummer. The cymbals for sure and in this one the kick I knocked down 4db. After all of my heart troubles, I have become a big softie. ha ha It’s all good. Thanks for all the nice words and listening to my song.