I'm trying to mix this soundtrack since the last month

What do you guys think of it? What could I do to improve this?

Personal taste the opening trumpet? is a little too wet. When the violin comes in it is sitting better. In fact i think you did a great job with the rest mix wise. Nicely done.

Very nice. Where is this from?

Nice balance, but I’m thinking the cello (well, I “think” that’s a cello) could be louder when the other strings are playing.

It feels like everything is just a tad to wet, to my ears. I agree with Eric there. But it really is personal taste for me. Perhaps you’re more shooting for a chamber kind of sound, so this would fit.

Have you reference-checked it?

BTW, I’m not in my studio or good headphones. Just my MB Air. So grain of salt, please.

Very nice piece and mix.

Nice composition - Very “pastoral” sounding. I’d could imagine it accompanying a scene of the green English countryside. I love the string quartet sounds - they have a lovely texture to them.

I’m finding the - is it a nylon string guitar? part to be a bit strange sounding. It sounds like it has the attack portion of an acoustic guitar and the sustain of a muted piano… Or perhaps like an acoustic guitar sample and a piano sample are being triggered simultaneously by the same midi notes. I think for this type of piece the instrument needs to have a better sense of realism to be convincing.

Something about the ambience also isn’t sitting quite right for me. I’d suggest trying an ambience with less midrange “ring” to it… or perhaps eq some of the mids out of the ambience if possible. I think a more dry sound overall would work better for this piece.

Nice work!

If you are talking about the opening section, it’s a harpsichord (the guy I was making the music for thought it was a piano with weird eq). But if you are talking about the middle to end of the music, Yeah, I’m trying to improve the sound of the guitar, but sadly the vst I have is better suited for non-classical stuff.

As about the ambiance, I aimed for chamber stuff, like small baroque chamber music. I’m also struggling to try to get the right sound. Most of the times i hear classical music at my college it has a huge reverb because of the place. So I actually thought my mix had almost a non-reverb sound.

About the string quartet sound, In fact the only string instrument is the cello. I tried to change the sound of the oboe, trombone, and cello so it sounded like their baroque counterparts (don’t know if I exactly succeded)

Anyway, thanks for the tips and advice!

I’m aimed at chamber music indeed. And there is just the cello as string. I didn’t want to expose the cello all the time so different instruments could play the subject or variations themes. Also, I usually like things quieter when I compose in this style, so the listener is forced to pay attention to the big picture. But I probably overdid it, thanks for pointing out.

Btw, everything there is vsts (the cello is a free one)

I didn’t reference check it for the ambiance, because I don’t really know a recording with a good chamber reverb. But for the tonal balance, I used the main theme of up (the animation) as a reference.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Its pretty cool and dynamic, but maybe a touch raw in places…

If you wanted a little more, smooth and polished sound, in a gentle kind of way, of course - you might want it to sound a little more like this…

PS. Harpsichord in the first minute is definitely a little too big, but Im ok with the reverb!!

Did you eq - 3 Db between 300 and 2.500 Hz? Or did you use a multiband compressor in that area? Anyway, good idea, it added a little more clarity and bass.

I made several little cuts between 1dB and 2 dB in those areas then pushed the bass, mids and treble back in with a much broader band eq, the tape machine ‘eq’ also smoothed things out too.

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