I'm switching distributors from routenote. Any suggestions?

I'm switching distributors from routenote. Any suggestions?

I’m switching distributors. RouteNote is good, but their site is extremely buggy and is a pain to deal with. Which distributor should I switch to? I’ve heard of DistroKid and TuneCore, but their service is paid. I’d much rather have a free service (there are a few) because I’m a kid and don’t have a stable income yet.

I don’t have much experience with online distribution platforms, but I’d guess that there’s some others here that might have some ideas.

I don’t know any good distributor that is free, sorry…

I am with Distrokid and I am also managing a few of my clients on Distrokid with a record label account. I have no complaints, but it’s not cheap.

I too use distrokid, from memory as a label option which is more manageable. That way I can do my band and other projects. I have the 5 band $79.99 a year option which I think is pretty reasonable at less than $20 a band a year.

Here is distrokid’s pricing for others who may be interested (I know you are already with them, Jean).

  • Musician: 1 band/artist, $19.99/year
  • Musician Plus: 2 bands/artists, $35.99/year (save 10%)
  • Label 5: 5 bands/artists, $79.99/year (save 20%)
  • Label 10: 10 bands/artists, $139.99/year (save 30%)
  • Label 20: 20 bands/artists, $239.99/year (save 40%)
  • Label 50: 50 bands/artists, $599.99/year (save 40%)
  • Label 100: 100 bands/artists, $1199.99/year (save 40%)
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I use Soundrop. They don’t charge you unless it’s a cover song. So no upfront fee at all, perfect for me who just want to release music with zero expectation of financial success.

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Went with Freshtunes, but if they fail me i’ll try Soundrop. As a last resort i’ll try Distrokid because my parents may be willing to pay for it for my music.