I'm pumped, my granddaughter Grace started playing again

I taught her how to play when she was 12. I set her up with a cheap mini guitar and studio equip. She produced a couple of very good songs.
She quickly lost interest and hasn’t played since. Now 15, she called me up and said “hey gramps, i’ve been playin again. I miss lots of notes, but i am sending you something”

She sat on the edge of her bed with the phone lying there and sung this little part. It’s just lucky I can hear both the guitar and her? Anyhow i am very excited, and even how bad the quality is, I just had to post it.


Really nice vocals, Paul. She sounds like she has been listening to a lot of Billie Eilish (who hasn’t?), but she has the talent to back it up. What’s more, it’s a very cool cover she has chosen. Here is the original:

Hi Andy. Ok, yes I get it now. When it is someone who is precious to you, it is hard to listen objectively. I have heard her sing live so many times and at close range. She does so many interesting things with her delivery that can not be learned IMHO. I spent some time with her a few weeks ago and tried to reinforce that she has it all going for her. The last couple of years she has lost confidence. Might be this age group, covid etc.
She sits cross leged picks and just sings away. Really clumps me up.
Thanks much for the listen and direction to this original. I didn’t have a clue. Best to you

Whoa! This kid has a very good voice and she has a very cool style! There’s lots of potential there.

This was recorded over the telephone?? I’m listening on my crappy iPad and it still sounds good. You must get this girl to record this song with you. This is too good to waste. Hope she follows a path of music in the future.

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Oh, I didn’t realize it was a cover. I had thought she wrote the song.

Still, her voice is really sweet and she has a pretty good music sense.

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Hi Mr W. She has a ton of original stuff. She was playing one recently when I walked into the room that was way over the top. She was copo’d at the seventh fret and was playing some major seventh chords. I asked her where she found them and she said it just sounded cool. so much natural talent. I have to try to balance interest with being pushy/pesty to have her keep going. ha ha Here is for fingers crossed. thanks for your two cents :slight_smile:

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Wow indeed! She’s awesome Paul! You’re right, there’s something there that can’t be taught… :sunglasses:

Hi Mike. I tried to make it better this morning by EQ ing some of the acoustic bad notes bonk. Only problem is that it took a lot out of her vocal. I played a left and right acoustic along side to fill it up a bit. One capo’ d up.
Added a bass. Hard to play along with a track without any percussion. I will post the final when I mess a bit longer. Thanks for the positive comment

She’s learned a lot about singing in a short time. Great vibrato, and she knows how to affect her voice for emphasis.
Hope she sticks with it, even if it’s just for fun, or helping Pops out.

Hey Bob. I listened carefully last night and the added guitars are not in tune with her original. I texted her and asked if she re-tuned after putting on the capo and she said “no gramps, but we can do it the right way when you come out and visit…I have an original now you might like” Such good news…Thanks much

I tried to play along, but I don’t think it helped. I do think you can hear her better now?

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Very nice. Very expressive voice… hopefully she keeps it up!

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Sounds quite nice! Very nice singing voice and song! :slight_smile:

Fifteen and she can sing like that - wow! She has poise and control and the ability to project feeling. I hope she keeps at it. You should be proud (I am sure you are).

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Not long ago, I taped her on the other side of the door singing in the shower by herself. She was not offended by it. I played it back to demonstrate how good she really is. She said " gramps, do you know how many great singers there are out there?..I wouldn’t have a chance. I was bummed. the songs she has made from scratch are awesome and her lyrics are scary good. She is shy and is not as excited as me about it. thanks for saying those things about her