I'm not really sposed to..lady cop...first draft

A lady cop had a guy pulled over in an antique car. With only a quick glance i saw she was smiling with a back and forth conversation…maybe as much as a flirt. I went home yesterday and started this. Only a couple hours so far. No lead break, bridge, or fills yet. Just a story

I’m really not supposed to

Rollin in my Cadillac 19…64…crusin with the top down…pedal to the floor E

Radio to the max…who could ask for more… A

Checked on my speedometer… hell I’m goin ninety four B…E

She lit em up and pulled me over liked the way she walked E

Said what’s yur hurry mister we got to talk

Come on girl… take a chance and ride with me. A

You can see… the other side…I’ll show how it feels to be free B…A


I’m really not supposed to… she gave a little grin …

didn’t even use the door… and jumped on in E A

She took off her hat and put on mine and started screamin it is party time E A E A B…break

Next thing I knew she was standing on the seat…hair blowin wildly it was a special treat E

She said hey buddy…wanna go to a bar? A

We got looped… Brought her back to her po…leece car B…E

I’m really not supposed to… … she raised her chin … D A E A

maybe I’ll see you… if and when E A

This’l play… in my mind… for awhile… maybe we can do it again…then a smile B… E

I put this back. Wasn’t sure if you meant to break the original thread :+1:

Hi boss I leave em up for a couple days. Good friends don’t comment on a poor track. I thank them for that. I have moved on. So glad to see you round these parts again

Gotcha. The only problem is that it leaves those mp3’s on the server taking up space with no thread tied to them. No need to delete them. You can just reply to the posts that you’ve moved on to another project and leave them in place. :wink:

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