I'm Not In Love, 10cc 1975

“I’m Not In Love” is a song by British group 10cc, written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman in 1975. Written mostly by Stewart as a response to his wife’s declaration that he did not tell her often enough that he loved her.

This song is dedicated to my lovely wife, Mimi!!!
I am in love!!!

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Nice. Haven’t heard that tune in a while. Really takes me back. Now to see if I can figure out the chords! :wink:

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Hi skua,
Love your comments.
You know that you can always ask me if you need it for the chords.
The original chords are in A, and I lowered it to G. Plus, my guitar is already tuned a fret lower.
I also uses the “D” form across the neck for the adlibs.
Thanks again for the wonderful words!!!

Great song choice Rene.

I’ve always loved incredibly effective use of irony in the lyrics - 10cc have been a big inspiration to me in that respect - songs like this one, Rubber Bullets and Art For Art’s Sake have a beautiful way disguising the devastating weight of the message behind sly cynicism and a seemingly innocent pop music facade. The catchiness hooks you in, and then the lyrics blow you away.

…That’s not to mention, the inventive harmonic structure of the songwriting - I love the subtle modulations in this song - that minor to major thing is just brilliant.

You did a great job of distilling the essence of what was originally a very complex production down to a simple guitar and vocal arrangement - Very nice!

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I did not really realize the conversion I did on this production, from a very complex, layered and engineered masterpiece, to the thing that I know how to do, just simple guitar and vocals. An online friend requested for me to interpret this song, and my ears led me into this simple transcription. I did plug in some chord substitutions and my own flare of strumming into this beautiful song, and really appreciate your super wonderful feedback!!!
Love your comments!!!

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