I'm kinda likin your mind...well actually not yours...bash?

I'm kinda likin your mind...well actually not yours...bash?


Most guys go for looks or great body, this dude is appreciating her smarts. Unusual I know. The vox has some allergy issues. Mostly electric guitar but I added an acoustic track in the chorus? Needs fills etc. Last one with sweetness for a while, I promise:)


I’m kinda likin your mind

You make me laugh. You make me happy. I sure do like you
Your eyes have sparkle. You touched my hand. I hope you like me too

I like simple things, like a walk in the woods I’m not like all the rest,
I don’t think I could fit in…. and do the things that they do

I know you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna win your heart

I don’t care about your pretty face, but I’m kinda likin your mind
I gotta real good feelin bout this cuz our hearts are two of a kind

You are so close I want to kiss you…. waiting patiently
Your lips are right here I can’t stop staring wish they were touchin on me

I like simple things like pup…py breath watchin the sun set
Listen to the waves roll in….and dream of some far away place


Good stuff Paul! I like it. Your dude is a smart man.


Every time your voice kicks in, it makes me glad I listened to your songs. It’s just so refreshing to hear a voice that isn’t trying to duplicate some existing sound.

The only suggestion I would make on this is to watch your mic technique. It sounds like you are very close to that mic and I can almost feel you tongue clacking off the roof of your mouth, and it makes sibilants really pronounced as well. Backing off just a few inches should improve that.


Thanks Boz for the nice words. Yes, I have bad habits now. I used a hand held Sure beta for most of my work thus far, but left it at my daughters. I have been using an AKG 414 and it is like soooo sensitive. I can rub my thumb and index finger together and see the level meter go up?? I kinda put my vox slightly to my left so I can see my lyrics taped to the screen. And yes I find my mouth too close…like a couple inches. The instinct to get close up is that the signal monitor isn’t tall enough and if I turn up the mic, I get hissing. ha ha I am pathetic. I also have dry mouth and lips. If I get real serious about recording, I usually lube up my lips. Not a good thing for a guy to admit. I isolate the track,hear the clicks, and just think, oh well. My computer fans are way too loud also. I am a rookie. Again, I know your are a busy guy, but really appreciate you listening.


Yeah, there is something refreshing about feaker’s voice. “Refreshing” seems kind of appropriate. There’s a gentle innocence about his voice.

Good stuff Paul, as always.


Paul !!!

This is not something to admit in an open forum !!! :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face:


Hey bud, thanks, but I am anything but innocent??? :slight_smile:


Good song Paul!
Innocent? Well maybe, but then like Velvet Underground / Lou Reed sort of innocent. “I like simple things, a walk in the word” sort of sounds like “Just a perfect day, feed animals in the zoo …”. Later on there’s this more disturbing line “I don’t care about your pretty face” like Lou Reed’s “you made me forget myself, I thought I was someone good”.
You got the drums down well on this one as well Paul. I like!!! Also the way the electric and the acoustic swap places. Maybe your best song so far (that I’ve heard).
And to complete the picture, I’m sure Lou Reed didn’t mind if he had to lube his lips to get some attention :star_struck:


Hi Evert. I live in the woods. I have 40 acres and I am in there all the time. I didn’t know if anybody ever wrote a song about being attracted to someone because of the way they think. I guess the “I don’t care about your pretty face” comes from a lecture I always give my four very good looking granddaughters about why boys are actually attracted to them. ha ha I never did the electric to acoustic, but it seemed to work here. I used the same EQ values because I bounced the track into one??? I do some strange things. ha ha Thanks much for your greatly appreciated input