I'm finally trying out Logic Pro

I’ve been meaning to give Logic a try for some time now and finally had a chance to pick it up at a reasonable price. Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted on my thoughts, etc.
I’m not necessarily looking to make a big switch or anything. I just wanted to check it out as an additional tool for recording with friends, etc.


Yup, that’s logical.

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Haha! I’ll give you points for that one :wink:

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Hey Brian, I have Logic Pro too. I use it mainly for midi stuff I need. The range of instruments it comes with is fantastic. I haven’t really done much with it apart from that. For recording and mixing, I’m heavily entrenched in Reaper.

I hear you there! I’m still keeping my Pro Tools current. Mostly because I’m a creature of habit and I like my templates etc.

Hey holster,

As a developer, I can tell you that Logic is a higher fidelity DAW than P.T., which means if you move into more fancy production with it, you’ll be rewarded w/a better sounding result.

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Rather than fall into the age old debate of “which DAW is best” (which always crack me up), I’d actually love to know how it is better sounding, higher fidelity, etc.

Sure. We at MAAT are a manufacturer of high end tools, mostly for mastering folks. As such, we make a couple of products that tax the limits of DAW processing. One in particular, our LINpro, is designed to provide a variety of redithering choices. During development, we benchmarked all of the DAWs that are available to us. PT stood out as not being able to dither correctly, which one would think is a basic requirement for any DAW. Since dither during delivery (when re–quantizing; like delivering a 24/96 master from the internal 32 or 64 bit floats mix) is fundamental to a linear (low distortion) deliverable, it means that PT can’t — by itself — be relied on to generate a clean master.

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@OMas , can you share with us how Reaper did on your tests? A number of us here use it.


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Hey ingolee,

Reaper is not yet an approved DAW for us, so I don’t have any data for you. We’re having a hard enough time keeping track of the DAWs we have “blessed,” but I’m working toward adding Reaper at some point.

I can tell you that the current build of Studio One does basic dithering correctly, and they have a free version. For more fancy dither choices in Studio One, you would need a 3rd party plug–in.

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There are definitely some features I’m enjoying so far. I love how easily multiple takes on a single track are automatically consolidated with crossfades! I’m not enjoying the workflow as much as I do with Pro Tools, but I recognize that it is a personal habit thing. So far, so good :+1: