I'll Be Home For Christmas, 1943

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is a Christmas song written by the lyricist Kim Gannon and composer Walter Kent and recorded in 1943 by Bing Crosby, who scored a top ten hit with the song.
Originally written to honor soldiers overseas who longed to be home at Christmas time, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” has since gone on to become a Christmas standard.

Dedicated to all our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines currently decoyed and away from their families. The heart transports our minds and dreams, always to the people we love.

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!
My wish is Peace and Joy and Love for all peoples this Holidays!!!

Feedback is much appreciated.

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Wooaaa some VERY low notes sung old friend. This is playing for my family on some good speakers right now. Amazing. One grandkid said “how come you can’t sing like that gramps”. ha ha All the wrapping is done here , let the event begin. Enjoy your family and spread the love :slight_smile:

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We just finished our little festivities tonight. Small dinner, opening of gifts, some wine.
Including a very well- attended Mass earlier this evening.
Me and my wife, tested positive for Covid today, and we had to inform our church about our illness, which was very mild, as we just had our 2nd booster 2 weeks ago.
Our priest said that it was ok for us to sing, and to ensure social distance.
So me and the wife proceeded to lead tonight Christmas Eve Catholic Mass celebration, which went very well.
We were going to have Clarissa, our daughter, join us to sing tonight. But we’re decided, not to get her with us tonight. She has not tested positive, which is great - hope it stays that way!!!
We were singing with our masks on, and I had a very hard time, as we were wearing the heavy-duty medical masks. I had to switch to my “singer’s mask ion the middle of the Mass”.
Even with our masks, and our “infected throats”, we were able to lead our congregation into beautiful Christmas songs, which I am very surprised to hear our congregation “sing their loudest” tonight.
Take care, and stay healthy, my friend!!!
Merry Christmas, Paul!!!
With love and respect,

Hark The Herald
Away In A Manger
Angels We Have Heard On High
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Silent Night/Night of Silence
Joy To The World

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Sorry to hear you came down with covid. I can’t even imagine masks and singing.

I would have like to hear you singing away in a manger.

My grandkids don’t go to church EVERY Sunday. The whole family went to church last night and in the homily the priest said “if you don’t go to church every Sunday you aren’t a real catholic and don’t come up here to receive communion” there were tears everywhere. I won’t tell you my true thoughts. We will have to travel to a different town from now on. Both of us had a bummer happening, we will march on. Love will prevail

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Sorry to hear the “sermon”, and the “spanking”.
Everyone knows about the Christmas Catholics, and I will have to say, last night was not the night to do the “spanking”.
I am sure, the priest heard a lt of feedback from his homily.
Our priest mentioned the crowded pews, and only wanted to see them all back next week.

Merry Christmas Day, my friend.
Enjoy family!!!

We missed out grandson, as they are not coming today, due to our Covid stint.
Maybe, we will see them next week.
Better safe than sorry!!!

Stay safe and healthy!!!
Peace and Love,

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