IK Multimedia Group Buy

There’s a HUGE Group Buy going on at IK Multimedia. Basically, you buy 1 product and get 8 FREE products. If you buy 2 you’d get 16, etc. The number of FREE products goes up when the number of participants reaches a certain level. They’re almost a 9 FREE now. As you can infer though, you can pile up the IK products with a couple of purchases!


I started really looking at the IK stuff when T-Racks was offered as a prize for the mixing contest here a couple of years ago. Good plugins!

I’ll tag Mr. IK here @ikmultimedia in case anyone has questions they’d like to ask him. :wink:

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You’ll probably have to go to the $100+ level to be able to claim the free plugins (equal or lesser value to your purchase), which is fine if you can justify a bunch of plugins at $10-20 each. If you’re an IK fan I think it’s a good thing. Or if you’re about to become an IK fan. :wink:

If you get clever you can get a really good deal. The saturator is over at AudioDeluxe for $29 which qualifies you for the $99 level. I’ve been eyeing the Arc 2.5 at SweetWater for $100 which puts you in the $149 range. Lots of options - all you need is $$. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, I didn’t know you could use a discount somewhere else and carry it over. I do know that you can use any Jam Points you might have in your IK account to reduce the cost of your purchase, yet still retain the face value for equal/lesser plugins. And you can make more than one purchase of the available choices to get another tranche of free plugins.

Yep, you just have to “purchase and register a qualifying product”. The guitars players on the Cakewalk Deals forum are liking the new Axe IO and the Amplitude stuff too.

It looks like the Axe I/O draws on Amplitube for its tones. I got the impression you need Amplitube Deluxe to make that work, though maybe that’s only a recommended spec. It can be a regular 2-channel interface even so, is my understanding.

I saw Warren Huart demo the new Brian May Amplitube Collection, and some of the other ones are cool too. The Brian May is not part of the Group Buy though.

AXE I/O is a 2 in/5 out audio interface that does not require AmpliTube in any way. It is a great interface for recording guitar with your software of choice, through your amp miked up, and any way you’d use a normal interface.

MusicRadar also has also ranked it the best guitar audio interface right now https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?id=musicradaraxeio which is quite cool.

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Ah, thanks! I see that it actually comes with AmpliTube 4 Deluxe in the package, so that must have been what I got from the reference. So it looks like it’s basically a standard interface that has some features that make it optimal for recording guitar/bass? There an “Amp out socket for easy reamping”, so it seems like kind of an “interface+” for guitarists. For someone wanting the amp sims at their disposal, having AT4 Deluxe in the package makes the price seem like a pretty good deal overall.

I’m curious about the Axe I/O, in particular its latency performance. Reading through the IK description of the hardware it is only mentioned as an aside right at the end. Not a good sign knowing that this will be on guitarists minds as a number 1 priority (I assume). Can you record with amp sims and pedal sims turned on, as well a whole bunch of other tracks already recorded without any noticeable latency? To me latency is crucial for my next choice of interface and I’ve had some not so good experiences despite countless measures to combat the problems of latency. My theory is that too many manufacturers of interfaces don’t care about updating the drivers to all the quirks of yet another Windows update.