Ignite - $9.99

I think I get far too many VST offers in my inbox… saw this curious one today though:


They have it at PluginBoutique also, same price. Looks pretty cool, has lots of AIR Instruments included (old Pro Tools standards), and my MIDI controller should be compatible.


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Might be worth just picking it up for under €10. You can barely get a single toilet roll for this price at the moment… Anyone know if the instruments are contained in the software, or installed as VST’s for all programs to use?

HA, isn’t that the truth!

From what I can tell so far, it’s all self contained. So it’s a type of DAW, not a plugin. Requires iLok License Manager (not physical iLok) and is not yet MacOS Catalina compliant.

In addition to hundreds of onboard instruments and extensive MIDI control, Ignite supports two tracks of simultaneous audio recording, such as guitar and voice, a stereo workstation, bass and guitar, etc. Effects can be added to any audio track, and time stretching–powered by Radius from iZotope–is also provided.

I was going to say it might be like Garageband in a sense, but this review disagrees. So it might be a very good song sketcher type program, and then export tracks to use in another DAW if you want/need. But it might easily be self-contained for producing demo’s and song ideas. The review may be pretty old, not sure, but has some interesting points. (possibly 2013 review date)

The biggest mistake anyone could make with Ignite is to think it’s just another Garageband style home DAW, either in terms of function or sound quality - this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ignite is a powerful new way for musicians to get their initial ideas down before they take the time to fire up their super powered DAW - think of it as an artist sketching out a new picture, but not on the back of a cigarette packet with a biro, but on beautiful parchment with the highest grade pencil.


I was quite interested in this, may still get it. When I looked closely at the MIDI controller specs though, I saw that they list “M-Audio Axiom II 25” (version 2). My Axiom 25 is version 1, it’s rather old now but still in good shape. I can’t find anything that explains whether mine would have the benefit of that automatic MIDI mapping or not. There may or may not be some new functionality in the newer controller that allows this that mine doesn’t have. M-Audio did add some new features to version 2. Or it could be that they just don’t list ‘legacy’ controllers? I don’t know if anybody got the software or has come across this issue, but it certainly is giving me second thoughts.

I bought this last week and will be installing it later today.

I think I wasted $10. I assumed it was a DAW plugin. Oh well.

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I tried to warn you in Post # 4. :wink:

I had already purchased it by the time you made that post. lol

Ah, you were quick on the draw then. :gun:

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