If one were so inclined... how long would one song's quality assurance testing phase last?

Would it not be the ideal for a sound engineer or a master engineer to have one of every playback device known to be currently downloading, streaming and ripping up clubs and apartment balconies on the planet in their possession with also every conceivable way the songs and sounds they play are delivered to their ears so that they can test the sound quality of their mix and masters and assure themselves and their following that they should or will receive a sound that is agreeable to them and the artist?

Add this: How many environments could the listening on each device and method of delivery be humanly doable in one lifetime, right? exponentially times by sum fraction divided unto itself perpetually or repeating… uhm?

Yeah… I’ve always strived for whatever it is that is Radio Ready regardless of however right or wrong the opinion to do so may strike one. Of course I wouldn’t decline being set upon any of the most visible Billboards on the planet and I will tell you this, I ain’t holding my breath 'til someone else decides I should get there even though I may appear to be blue and possibly bloated all the time, lol.

Anyways… what’s the freakin’ point ya gibberish peddling hack… giggles… uhm?

I get what you’re saying, but I think you just have to do your due diligence on a couple/few devices that you trust and are extremely familiar with (ie, your car, ear buds, home stereo, etc) and trust that if you’re happy with those sources, you’re probably safe :wink:
It seems to me that the highest percentage of listeners are either going to listen from their earbuds, their car, or a bluetooth speaker.

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Plugin that emulates different listening environments.
Hear what your mix sounds like in a car without wondering if that mound of fast food bags in the back are affecting the mids.

I have never tried it, just seen an advertisement for it.


I’ll have to look at that one. Not quite following how a plugin could do that.

GACK! uhm…