If finances were getting tight - would you

If finances were getting tight - would you


If finances started getting tight, would you cancel your music and video streaming services? How important are these to you?

How high of a priority do you think services like you Youtube Red, Spotify Premium, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are to people who are about to get hammered in an upcoming recession? Imagine your income was going to get cut back a ways, but not pulled out from under you completely. Would you hang on to Netflix because its only $9/month? Or would it be the first to go?


I don’t believe any of the streaming services are necessary for any artist. You can post your music for free. If you sell your music from your own website you get 100% of the profits. Of course you have to pay for a decent website though.

I’m not even sure it’s worth it to use paid streaming services at all. I mean, has anyone here made a respectable amount of money doing that? If you managed to make a good chunk of money through streaming, then that means you probably have a good sized fan base…If you have a good sized fan base, then you can guide them to your personal site where you sell your product and receive 100% of the profits.


If I were in cut back mode, I’d cancel every monthly subscription that wasn’t required.


I actually severed the umbillical to TV long time ago. Right now I have one streaming movie service and one DVD by subscription so I can get older/harder to find movies.

I’d say just look at the budget. I got rid of cable and won’t renew.

I’ve just cancelled my music streaming subscription and about to cancel Kindle unlimited as well.


I don’t think I’d cancel my subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime. They are such a good value to me, and they don’t really feel luxurious.


Do you consider Netflix and Spotify (or similar services) ‘required’?


No, definitely not. I do consider internet required though. I’d lose a lot more than $40 a month if I didn’t have an internet connection. TV and music are not required. I can sit through spotify ads if I need to.

I probably wouldn’t completely stop watching movies. I would just find alternatives that let me itemize the payment of it. I don’t watch enough movies or TV to really have to cut back very much, if at all.

I don’t mind making my entertainment slightly more of a nuisance. I have plenty of other things to occupy my time that do not require spending money.


Hah. I actually logged into this thread cuz I thought it was a song. I’m going to leave now. :slight_smile:


I’m curious where you’re getting this from. I know some are predicting that, and certainly world events could help cause a recession, but the stock market seems to be doing quite well despite: the trade war with China, Trump’s border wall fiasco, the college admissions scandal, a new cold war with Russia, wild cards in Syria/Iraq/Iran, the Khashoggi execution with the Saudi’s, the New Zealand mosque killings, the Boeing 737 Max 8 crisis, the upcoming Israeli elections and collateral overdue next Gaza war, and … I could go on and on. It seems like economics has become numb to all of this change and conflict in the world. What’s going to cause a recession? The Green New Deal?


Historically the economy has always had ups and downs depending on a variety of factors. Here’s an article listing some of the economic indicators that may or may not mean anything.



If I need to save money, I’d get a DAY JOB (do it now before the shit hits the fan)…

Oh wait, I already did that. And the constant stream of money is addictive, its like not having to pay any bills, AND having beer money, for not doing that much (that is difficult). :sunglasses:


Ooops! In my earlier post I must have been half asleep because obviously I read a very different question. :rofl: Yeehaa, I guess I’ll go back to being a slow responder and not jumping head first into a thread. (why does spell correct say I’m spelling “responder” wrong?)

Anyway, I’ve often considered getting rid of my cable tv service. I have about 200 shows recorded on my PVR and most of the shows end up be a waste of time to watch. Even browsing interviews and such on youtube tends to eat up a lot of time. All the time you use watching Netflix, entertainment videos on youtube, TV, etc., is time that you can be improving your craft and bettering your life circumstances…Although sometimes a brief escape from reality is good for your mind.


Sounds like my entire life!

But seriously, we just had an 8 year recession. Im ready to move on…


Yeah, statistics. Just like that prediction of a Cascadia earthquake in the next two weeks? They say it’s been too long.

I think the acronym for that is A.Y.A.H.U.A.S.C.A. :grin:

I’m wondering if the previous economic cycles are no longer a predictor. These things do tend to go in cycles, but usually only for a few decades or centuries. Then the pattern changes. With globalism, nationalism, economic disparity, and climate change becoming such powerful forces, it’s quite likely IMO that the whole thing will implode in a death/rebirth cycle. Oh, and BTW, you’re welcome for the preview. :wink:


Pretty cryptic stuff going on I believe. I’ll have to post this on my AI thread too …

Quite ironic that Ralph Nader, who rose to fame exposing unsafe automobiles, is given a personal incentive to speak on the hazards of future air travel.

Ralph Nader’s Grandniece Died in Ethiopian Plane Crash; Now He Is Urging Boycott of Boeing Jet


Just an 8 year recession? Things haven’t been good since Bush took office, every next president usually shat on the middle class a bit further, squeezing us with pincers from both ends.


Good description of how it started with Reagan by AOC at SXSW (time-stamped):


Fox News mentions AOC four times as much as Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Clearly she is more important than the rest of congress put together.


It’s quite possible that’s actually true. :grin: But the Fox News focus is the good ole “fear the boogie man (or woman)” angle.


I always like to take my economic news from my barista…heading to Starbucks now…

Oh wait…I do have an economics degree :face_with_hand_over_mouth: