If anyone orders Waves, plugins, use my referral code for a discount!


Eh…if anyone buys a Waves plugin, this gets you 10% off, even on top of a sale. :smiley:



Is the code transferable? Just asking.

What do you mean?

If a code is yours, it is, presumably, attached to your account. That may be an exclusive tie up. If Waves found out someone other than you was using it, they might decide to cancel it.
That’s not uncommon practice. Hence my question.
If it’s just a general discount code, fine, there’s no exclusivity.

If you use my referral code to order a plugin for yourself, you get a 10% discount, and I get 10% of what you spent. So yeah, its a general discount code :smiley:

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It’s an affiliate code. Waves gives them out so that people will flood facebook and forums with advertisements. Their purpose is to be passed around as much as possible.

Thats cool :+1:Nice one boz

Thanks, very nice of you.