I Wrote A Song for Ryan's Wedding

I Wrote A Song for Ryan's Wedding
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PM me if you want the WAV @TheRyGuy , it’s 24/96. It’s called “Trash Compactors Don’t Dream, But Pecans Do If They Can Swim”.


CPF, you have too much time on your hands. I need to get you out there marketing the site for us!


I filmed my parts for the promo video today, so I got that going for me. I don’t believe in time. I am time.


Thanks for the shout-out! From where do you get your music inspiration?


From the hermaphrodite snake that lives in my refrigerator. He’s also a Buddhist homosexual. Sometimes I tune into his cerebral wavelength using my transistor rotary chicken that plugs into the toaster. He’s usually pretty good about exporting his musical ideas. His name is Jared, he wishes you a happy wedding. He can’t attend, because he never leaves the fridge. He doesn’t let me hit the bottle, at least if it’s in that fridge. Don’t tell him I have another. He doesn’t know.