I wonder what this cow is thinking?

I wonder what’s going on this these animals heads as they’re hearing this. Interesting.

I wouldn’t doubt if this elephant genuinely enjoys the interaction, and MIGHT even appreciate the music as a unique and unusual auditory stimulus?

Horse: “Wait… is that my hairs?? Why is my hair making funny noises?? This smells odd.”

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The cows were so cute. Actually, all the animals were. It’s interesting watching their reactions. The innocence in these animals is a beautiful thing.

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Isn’t it obvious what the cows are thinking?

“Needs more cowbell!”

You’re welcome.


And don’t forget the jammin’ golden retriever…


Video 1 - “Cowabunga man!”

Video 2 - “I’ll never forget that melody, as long as I live.”

Video 3 - “That’s a cello of a different color. Is that Beethoofen you’re playing?”

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The cow enjoyed this and will remember it for heifer and heifer. ker tunk

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The cow and horse may have been thinking “Let’s Go Branding!” :smirk: :joy:

I believe the elephant said “Make India Great Again!” It’s no surprise there’s no donkey in the list, it’s poll numbers have sunk too low to matter any more. :wink:


Do cows call it cowbell?

The cows say “It’s the strangest thing we’ve ever herd.”