I wonder...acoustic..non uplifting...bash

I have had pneumonia 5 times already and a not so good heart, so this virus has been a bit of a downer for me. Anyway with that mind state and shut in, some life reflection hit me. I have a luna mini acoustic at my winter home and have to tune it by ear so it might be off. The so called chorus starts with a C chord and I have to sing an F note which is confusing for me to do. ha ha I actually pluck the f note just before to get my mind there. Anyhow, it is not done. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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I like it. Has a nice vibe.

I find the vocals are a bit too breathy, although some breathiness is good in a soft song like this. Just seems that sometimes the breathiness is too up front.

Cool song! :+1:

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It’s a good song with a good chorus hook. Maybe some vocal mix help that’s over my head? Anyway Studio One can tune your guitar:

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Hi Mr W. I sang this real quiet like because my wife is in the next room and she would think I was getting all weird and stuff. After I figure out the whole song I will go back and do a better job there. The song came from my granddaughter Jenna asking me if I ever thought about whey we are here. She said she was looking up at the starts and had that thought. Thanks much for listening and the comment

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Hi ingo I will have to check that out. I forgot a tone of stuff in my Michigan studio. That would be a help for sure. Thanks for the hint

I listened before I knew that, Paul, and was thinking this particular vocal track was one of the most well suited to your voice. You have a very distinctive voice, and there is little you can really do about that. And I regard singing quietly like you did as contrary to popular singing advice, and yet it is an effect you just can’t add after the fact to a “properly” sung version, and that makes it extra special for me to listen to.

But beyond that, great guitar, strong change up, catchy melody, and sweetly sappy lyrics with a touch of melancholy that seems reflective of our circumstances.

Thanks for sharing!

That is really good. I think you just continue to get better at this. I am digging it just the way it is. well done.

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I love this Paul - pure emotion - excellent!

Hi Steven I wasn’t worried about the vocal because I knew I would do it over. It is hard to sing softly and get the timing and pitch decent. I was just putting it out there for a feeler for mood. I am glad you listened, and like others thought it to be interesting. Thank you

Hi Eric It has a crude transition to the so called chorus and I will fix that. Also have to tune the acoustic. I actually made a few mistakes and had to copy and paste. When you do that it never is smooth. ha ha
So glad you like this and commented

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The thing about your songs lately is that i have enjoyed them so much i have not noticed those little things. I would if I were mixing it but for listening i have just sat back and enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.

Well Andy, you drove me to this after hearing and watching up and down that fretboard. Geeesh
I was never a player like you. I played lots of chords in the band and lots of harmony singing bgv’s.
As far as this track demo goes, I like different and glad my wife does to. thanks for the kind words bud

Yes, I think all my friends here know I am not good at mixing at all. I also know my stuff would sound much better in the right hands. I put out one take bare bones in most cases. ha ha

I thought this song was going to be the same as the other recent thread, but it is not; so I am reviewing this also. Song is very pleasant and calming, even if the lyrics are not super cheery. Once again all of the melodies are very nice (as is the audio quality). Singing is good. My only constructive criticism would be: I think you could hit one more guitar chord that sustains at the end; the ending is somewhat abrupt for me currently (a minor gripe). Otherwise, it all sounds very good for me. Guitar playing is very good.

Hi aaron. This is so funny. I hadn’t re-listened to the track, so I just did. I thought, I know it isn’t done yet buy why didn’t you just strum one last chord and let it ring a bit. I will do that. I am anxious to get home later this week to my “real” studio. You would have to see me sitting at this crude desk with the top drawer half open with a sm 58 propped up on a 45 degree angle. So crude. Thanks for that catch