I was shown a pic and asked to write a kids song

I was shown a pic and asked to write a kids song

A young lady showed me a pic with a daisy and a smiling butterfly and asked me to write a song about what I had seen. She said it was just for her family that would listen to it. Then asked what I would charge. I said it won’t cost anything because I would use something I had on file. ha ha She then said she would do more artwork and pics to reflect the song. Kinda crazy, but I haven’t had a challenge for awhile. (except for a colab with Dave that I haven’t finished)
It is sure nice using this new Breelove acoustic with a pick up. so easy
I still can’t sing with this dry mouth thangy. Might be all done singing for good. I would be nice it this turns out to be what she likes that I find a kid to do it. Anyhow, I am looking for mix help.

Edit needed…too many words in the bridge…not childlike…looking to say that I would like the butterfly to sit and have a chat

Could you would you be my friend?

I’m a little daisy blowin in the wind ……I wish that I had a friend D G………A
Oh my my I see a butterfly…I wish that he would stop in
Hey there butterfly…would you be my friend…could you would you be my friend
G A D Bm G A D

I’ve been pretty happy living here alone……… but I’d just like to talk to someone
I saw you smile …as you flew on by……I think you and I could have some fun
Hey there butterfly…would you be my friend…could you would you be my friend

Solo D G D G D G A D…

Bm F#m G A D
Set down on this blade of grass …maybe you can tell me things about you
I’ve haven’t talked to anyone but I could tell you things about me too

Hey there butterfly I got to meet you in the end…I’m glad that I have finally found a friend
Hi my name is Gertrude…Hi my name is Henry…it’s nice to meet you…awwww


Hey Paul, I got a feeling the young lady will like this. It’s got a nice, mellow vibe. I can picture a classroom of little kids listening to this just before or during nap time. It might go well within a children’s story too.

Let us know what the lady thinks of this.

Nice job!

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I love challenges like that! I recall reading an interview with the late Chris Cornell who said he often write names for songs and then made the songs around them. The song “Seasons” is such an example and well worth checking out if you are interested.
I’ve done the same with my bandmates to break things up a little. Forced me to think differently.

To the song. I love the vocals. If you are saying you “can’t sing” with your condition being a sonic thing, then don’t worry. It’s great and I love how they sound. Maybe they are just different now. But if it is painful or damaging you in any way, then that is a problem.

I think the song is great and the lyrics suit the challenge perfectly. I’ve listened 3 times and have only a few mix issues, anything else was subjective and largely trivial.
Vocal treatment is great and I love how the bass fades in!!! The bass and drums feel a little “small” to me, like they are in the room next door. I get that you don’t want them in your face, I just feel like they could bring a bit more weight to them.
Lastly, only a small one, there were a few little vocal parts that jumped in level (super brief… end of grass at 1:30, and “I” at "I got1:39). They are very minor and likely not an issue, just heard them more prominently and likely to stand out more as the vocals are clearly front and centre of the song.
Bloody love it and I have to go and listen to something else or I’ll be singing my made up words to that tune all afternoon!

Great stuff Paul - really digging your harmonies!

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Hey sir “W” thanks for the listen. Kinda excited to have her listen??

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Hi Daniel. I agree getting to work with someone is so much more fun. She has a friend that is a graphic artist and is really talented. I will post the cover pic if it all comes together.
My voice has always been challenged with allergies (like Emma). I have the click thing from dry mouth, so I bought a spray. So here I am with vaseline on my lips and spraying in my mouth and the clicks are still there. I did recently read that cafine also dehydrates?
I brought up the bass and drums in the song. Also lowered the vox a bit in places. I couldn’t find the area at 1:39 that jumps out a bit.
To avoid the clicks I sat a foot away of my 414 mic, but then I have to peg everything on the mix and I don’t think that is proper. I can’t get really into it that far away. I might try a hand held mic?
I thank you much for taking the time to listen and comment. That all takes time, I know. best to you

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Always encouraging to everyone bud. Appreciate the listen

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Thank you for the review. Now your song: electric bass might be a little loud/boomy (could be my headphones); other than that, audio quality is very nice. A very pleasant song with nice melodies and nicely performed all around! :smiley: Butterfly approved.

Nice. I wonder if it was by choice you put blowing in the wind in the first line and then used the melody from Dylan’s blowing in the wind for the verses.

Thanks for sharing.

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