I was asked to do a song about bullying...so I tried

I was asked to do a song about bullying...so I tried
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I was a teacher for 30 years and some of my old/younger friends are putting together a program for next year. They asked if I would write a song that they might be able to act out about a child being laughed at or picked on???
This is me singing a girl part and obviously they will have to find someone. I actually thought it could be a possible youtube thangy? This is crude so far but let me know if you have any ideas on this.
Thanks in advance




It’s very clever and fun Paul. With a few lyric changes you could do a boys version of it, and then maybe they can find a girl to do that version. The vibe of the song kind of reminds me of Tommy James “I think we’re alone now”; a lot of your stuff has a 60’s pop vibe when I listen. Yeah, if the school drama club could put together a video skit to record to match the lyrics that could be fun.


Hi Stan I just love it when I am furnished with an idea. So hard for me lately to think of topics. I got to use a weird chord and bass notes in the prechorus, so that was fun. I actually didn’t think of a boy being bullied, so now I will consider that. I am going to try and get my 12 year old granddaughter Grace to try this. Right up her alley…I think. Thanks for the listen and ideas.




I don’t know what the scene looks like today, but with the online social media bullying maybe girls have been getting the worst of it? Anyway, I’m sure it’s a problem for both genders but maybe shows up in different ways. It would probably be good to show both viewpoints. Now that you mention it, if you and Grace could do a duet and put both viewpoints in one song that would be awesome!


Yeah, I just sent her the lyrics and the song. She texted back “I’m on it” ha ha I am going there tomorrow to watch over the three grandkids while my daughter (court reporter) is doing a big murder case.
I think the back and forth would be cool :slight_smile: Thanks Stan




We’ll, I guess I’m better late than never!

I agree with Stan here…a video would be fun, and would help to get the message across!

Having been bullied at school myself, I’m right behind you on this project.

As for the musical content, you don’t really want it overdone, as it might just lose the actual meaning of the song.

Your mix is quite tasty, and I like the way in which you have harmonised your chords as opposed to matching them.

Nice piece of work :grinning:


Hi Ail guy I kinda liked the flow of this little ditty from the start. I did it a couple of years ago and simply forgot about it. Found it on a junked computer. ha ha I am with my very talented 12 year old granddaughter Gracie right now, but she has ho hummed it so far. Her friends are more important than ole grams presently. I have one more day with her to try and get her to sing it. I am glad the picture was painted good enough for you to imagine what I was trying to portray. Thanks much for commenting




Well, that was enjoyable! More like Talking Heads than Pearl Jam’s Jeremy, thank God.

It is so difficult to get anybody, much less kids, to focus long enough to participate on a project like this. First, it is probably not her cup of tea exactly, being in the category of alt Sesame Street rock, I would say. As an adult who likes the basic song style and the intelligent lyrics, I’m happy with it as is.

I can see you adding a loud rocked out finale or bridge with perhaps a flash of some optimistic defiance, make it a 3 1/2 minute full-fledged Who rocker. Bullying makes me mad, and I don’t know how people become thicker skinned, especially the most vulnerable. Externalities and insecurities gang up on sensitive types who might also have dangerous issues getting in their way of helping themselves effectively, and it is tough. But maybe a song like this does help a tiny bit, and that is an honest hope.


I’m glad you brought that up. It would be interesting if Paul can tie this in with HSP (Highly Sensitive People), since HSP’s tend to stand out and be different than the “hardy” majority, making them more likely targets to be picked on … and HSP’s also are very conscientious and usually opposed to violence or force even when being mistreated. In my work with HSP’s I have got the impression that they may get picked on more than others, and due to the nature of HSP they may experience even more emotional injury than most from it.


Hi steban Just saying that you thought it was enjoyable made my day. I have a real problem with kids and adults saying unkind things in general. I really like your ideas. My 12 year old granddaughter/singer has declined, but my Jenna (8 year old wants to do it) They will all be here at our yearly gathering, so I will see how that goes. Don’t have time to give a better comment. Nuts here. ha ha
Thanks much




Hi Stan Boy, now you have me thinking with HSP lyric possibilities. Wish I would have thought of that myself. This is a good show for me knowing I can go back and start messing with this again.
You throw a song together, think it might be cool and maybe help in some way and then start wondering if it has any legs? ha ha Good for this old mind

Thanks for the listen and the hints




Sure did, feaker! To be honest, I even thought your child voice sounded pretty good, but a real child would be so much fun. Good luck with Jenna. 20 years from now she will still be thinking about it and maybe the significance of it will be deeper for that as a bonus, the attempt to make a statement to stand up for the underdog, etc etc.