I want to make some stupid songs

I was thinking the other day, I really want to start a really dumb metal project. I want to make some songs that are a cross between primus, Tenacious D and Gojira. Basically, I want it to be super heavy, but with really light hearted/funny themes, with good songwriting.

I really just want an excuse to make over the top productions and not take it too seriously, but still have it sound awesome.


I may know just the guy for guitar! I’ll hit him up!

I you want help writing or gulp vocals ha! Hit me up . Either message me here or at my gmail account in my user page.

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If you want any unpredictable female vox sing out…

Hahaha!!! A buddy of mine from work loves this type of music. Last Christmas we came up with a holiday-themed song. It was written, recorded, mixed and published with all of 3 hours of time. I wanted to take a lot more time with it, but it was very spur of the moment and needed to be released before xmas I’m sure if you can’t find willing participants we would be down. We are currently working on a song that is what I like to call Medieval Metal, or Fantasy Metal titled Unsheath Me Sword. Think Falconer, or Brainstorm. Not really my cup of tea but it allows me to keep playing.

Ahh,feels like the good ol RR days!

You need a lyricist? I’m your man! I can do death metal vocals and screaming too.

Verse 1
Open up your top and hand me that bottle
Let me fill up your gas tank with my nozzle
I’m gonna take you for a ride around the block
You can suck on the juice from my… crock pot

Let me clean you off with my garden hose
While I’m chewing on your pantyhose

Let me bean your burrito
I’m gonna cream on your crop
Heat you up on my stove
’Til you’re taking off your top

Let me squeeze your macaroni
Gonna ride you like a pony
When you’re slurping my bologna
I’d better hear you moaning

Verse 2
How do you like your cream, sweet or sour?
Your cherry’s so fresh, I just have to devour
I’d like to eat it raw or at least uncooked
Gotta stroke my artichoke when you give that look

Repeat chorus


Sausages, peaches, sugar and cream
These are a few of my favorite things
Gonna clean your fridge if you wash my potatoes
Gonna spank your buns 'til they’re red as tomatoes

Chorus Out

Check this @Wicked


:grin: Boz is gonna love this!

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He’d better, I don’t see how he couldn’t.

If he’s even the slightest bit sane, he’ll recognize your brilliance. :beerbanger:


This is one of the few songs I’ve seen him written so far without profanity. I’ve been checking his stuff out. I refuse to swear because it conflicts with my beliefs, but I believe you have the right to. I find these lyrics clever, but a little juvenile. Perfect for the Tenacious D vibe @bozmillar wanted. Love “The Sound of Music” reference.


Thanks, dude. I was imagining something like an Alice Cooper '80s comeback type melody, like something from his “Trash” album.

Yes, I also never use profanity, if I can help it. It can be cathartic though. You can purge your mind and spirit of all the bile that festers inside. Very similar to taking a big dump. :poop:

I guess he didn’t. FUCK! Boz James Millar, this was a fucking brilliant idea! My lyrics were delectable.