I want my balls back

Got the idea from a sad interview of a young man who changed after being coersed. Not meant to be funny. Don’t listen if you think it will bother you.
Did this yesterday.

I want my balls back

At just 13 my teacher told me she said life is too short you must feel free
You don’t seem happy as a boy you just maybe… should be a she

Just fill out this form you don’t have to tell yur mom
There’ll be so many boys wannna take you to the prom
You’ll be happy again…a brand new you…no longer will they call you… Tom

I want my balls back … my bottom’s so crude…deflate these great big boobs
I was mislead in my immature head …my boys were an awful thing to lose

Come to find out kids much younger…singled out…led astray
got that same bullshit line

Some were troubled some just curious parents would have been so furious
Lured away time after time And we knew it was happening…we did nothing

Check out your private messages.

Ha, great social commentary! I like the intro, the rhythm guitar is good, and the riff guitar is Bond-like in minor-key intensity. The “Ouch” is extremely funny, but yet profound at the same time.

The ‘break’ at 0:50 is cool! The lead guitar at 1:45 is nice.

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