I wanna go back..50's..done...tired of hearing it ..ha ha

The song is done. Thanks guys. It was fun but not that good. I’ll try harder on the next one.

last version with louder bass and replaced the acoustic with electric guitar

I wanna go back Intro ooo I wanna go back ooo…way back then (capo 5)

Now just look …what I have done…I’ve gotten old… well that’s no fun C Am (G E)

I wanna go back… I wanna go way back then Dm G C…G (Am D G…D)

Can you remember …when you were just six… …hula hoops and pogo sticks

I wanna go back … I wanna go see my friends Dm G C…C7 (Am D G …G7)

F G C Am F G Dm G

Where did time go and how would I have known …that I would get old someday

I’d give everything…for just one chance…for one more time to play (C D G Em…C D Am D)

I find myself thinkin bout that gang of mine C Am (G Em)

To our lemonade stand…where we made made our first dime.

I wanna go back …I wanna go back in time Dm G C…G (Am D G…D)

I know we only get one… go around…I live in the city but I loved that town C Am (G Em)

I wanna go back…my buds and that old playground Dm G C…C7 (Am D G …G7)

I wanna go back.ride my radio flyer…with my tonka truck…to the camp we built

But I know I can’t…so maybe I’ll just dream


There’s certainly an appeal for simpler times, especially as we get older and the world goes in directions we never imagined. Nice doo-wop vocals get you into that 50’s sound. I like the lyrics, very reminiscent - I loved my pogo stick, and had a Radio Flyer too!

I’m not hearing a bass part in there, I think that would add a more rocking sound to it, like some of the 50’s radio hits. It could add to the happy/dreamy vibe of the song. If you don’t have or play a bass guitar, a bass synth or maybe piano/organ with a bass-line type sound might work?

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Hi sir MAN I played the bass all the way through. I chose using the low open E string and I bet that isn’t comming thru. Between the studio monitors and a few headphones, they all sound completely different. I had two different bass lines in there too. It could be I muted it when I mixed down. I’ll check. thanks guy

I did double check myself, “squint mode”, to see if I was overlooking a bass track in there, but I just wasn’t hearing anything I could discern. Listening on cheap computer speakers at the time.

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I did chose and EQ in studio one is called “round and deep”. It cuts a wide swath in the 200 zone. I use it when I can’t hear the vox. I changed it back to no EQ but haven’t posted it yet. Also the capo acoustic was way to loud.
I don’t have AC in my upstairs studio and it was 90 today. Usually 63 ish this time of year. Waiting for a cool down.
Not my best attempt at a song, but something to mess with.
In the past I would update the changes I made for improvements. Sir Holster said that is a no no. ha ha thanks for listening and do consider a colab with me some day

Are you back in “Yooper” Michigan? Damn, that’s hotter than hell (as KISS once sang). Yeah, it’s hot for sure in Middle America, above average. But I got A/C so no complaints so far.

Your ideas are always good. I always like them, anyway. I assume you post them before they are fully developed, which is something I’m trying to consider doing. It’s the quantity vs. quality thing … if you wait until something is ‘perfect’ or fully developed you might not ever post it. So as someone suggested awhile back, post what you got and get suggestions from the peanut gallery.

I think he said post all your changes, add to the MP3 list (in the OP) without reservation. That’s been the norm. The file sizes (and server space) are not that significant. Just do it. And it’s not like 10,000 people are posting songs here. :smirk: We like to hear the song progress and refer back to it. I would like to do a collab, it’s been a long time. Just keep in mind that I’m mostly a Hard Rock shredder chords and Halen type solos (as close as I can come) guy. I try to be versatile, I can do calmer stuff sometimes … but not that often. :grin:

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Yup a yooper all my life. Small railroad town (150) called Channing in the central UP. We are a tad backward, but truly down to earth.
As far as songs go…I figure about one out of ten are decent. I look at it like trying diffrent cake recipes. Throw something together, serve it to freinds and watch their first bite expressions. Do something Stan and send it to me if you are having second thoughts about putting it on the forum. One guitar…one vox is enuf. cheers

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Hi feaker,
This is a very real song, as we, all, probably want to go back to all our happy days. Well, you definitely have a lot of happy memories and experiences that would drive you to get back!!!
I love the melody, and the simple yet true words, we all are getting older, and it is good to remember and reminisce. And the doo-waps were very nice, and nostalgic to boot.
The vocals fit the song very well, and the instruments were perfectly laid.
Thanks for sharing this!!!

That seems like a good philosophy. The reality of the creative process, as I understand it, is to be willing to make mistakes or produce things you may not be happy with, as it can then lead you to refine and improve your artistic abilities. Or at least keep the creative process moving (rather than blocked), and hope The Muse decides to show up one day and bless a particular effort. What you are describing also reminds me of a comment I made on here a couple of years ago about “artistic development”. The idea being that since this is a small community with people who tend to know each other over a period of time, how about looking at a song or mix in the context of that person’s journey rather than just the current project. As a series of steps, or personal growth over time.

Thanks for the offer and encouragement! Yes I’m trying to get into that process, and doing something simple would be a good start. I tend to hear a full production in my head when I get an idea, and then realize how much time and effort that is going to take so I don’t even start I guess. But many songwriters start off as you say, with acoustic guitar or piano and just try to get chords and make a vocal line work. Then you can go from there.

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I get you about thinking of the tough journey and then the hesitation. Happens to me when i pull the first weed of my very large garden.
Speaking of the journey. I always come up with an idea and head straight to the studio and record one track with the acoustic and vox together. The next day there track sounds really really bad, but the start is down there at least.
Sorry if i sounded like a know it all in making a song. take care

You just shared your process, what works for you, and it’s something that could be very helpful for me to try. I wouldn’t say that I’ve never done that, but it’s certainly not something I adopted as a habit and I don’t know why. Getting the idea down is probably half the battle. As the saying goes … “Keep It Simple, Stan.” :grin:

I started out as a drummer way back, so how I usually build a song, after I wrote some lyrics and have a riff idea (plus associated rhythms and effects :joy:), is build a scratch drum track, then either the bass part or the (electric) guitar riff, then vocals later or last. Somewhere in there the drum track gets adjusted and finalized. And scratch tracks may get replaced. It turns into a lot.

As I mentioned, I have read in many interviews with artists that they write a song on acoustic or piano, while singing along. When portable tape machines came along it got easier to record that. Also, someone said that if you can play a song in that simple way and it sounds good, sounds like a song, then it will probably translate to a full production successfully. It’s the essence you might say. “Keep It Simple, Stan.” That’s my new motto. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Second mix (nice audio!): A lot of vocal tracks on this one! Nice! Very good 50’s vibe! Very nice song & nicely performed: guitars & vocals. I think this is one of your better ones overall. :slight_smile:

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Hey guy. Glad you brought this up. I went back to my studio and something didn’t seem right. I found that I placed the main vocal 50% on one side. I do that with bgv’s sometimes.
I almost forgot about this track. 95 degrees here so I will go back to the studio one again. Thanks for the 2 cents. BTW, Yur stuff is improving exponentially