I used a Shure SM 81 ...this song is done..thanks yawl

I put some Studio One acoustic drums to this and i think the snare sounds funky. Anything I can so with that?

I am so in love with you…I haven’t told you so

All this time we’ve been best friends…but I still think you know

Should I tell you how I feel…would you doubt my words were real

Should I keep it all inside…all these feelings that I hide

Should I tell you now or wait…I’m so close but hesitate

I just can’t decide…should I tell you

I remember laughing hard till we cried walkin late night on the beach side by side

Threw our cares and our thoughts to the wind…the best of times

Innoncense changing day by day…so hard to hide

Watchin tv on the couch snuggled close to you

Stuck some popcorn in my mouth ya pulled off both my shoes

I’m not sure but could it be…that sumthin’s happenin to me and the

look you’re givin me …a look that I have never seen it is

like wow I’m not sure how…I feel your arms around me now

It’s everything I’d hope it might be…now I will tell you

I remember laughing hard till we cried

walkin late night on the beach side by side

Threw our cares and our thoughts to the wind…the best of times

Innoncense changing day by day…so hard to hide

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Very interesting vocal, seems to be breaking with a lot of emotion. I’d guess the melody (even a bit of the lyric) is from Badfinger’s “Day After Day”. Early '70’s. Yep, I was there.

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This is great, Paul. Another very cool song.

Yup, definitely agree there… hey, it’s a great melody!


Nice song, Paul !
I remember the music from a post you did a few months back.

Have you been writing and recording a lot, recently? I remember you saying you wanted to write and record a song every 5 days, or something like that.

I was thinking this song could be a huge hit if you dropped the F bomb a few times in the chorus. :partying_face::smiley:

But seriously, you got a nice vibe happening here. :+1:

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Thanks STM, Andy and Mr W for the listen. Not sure how old everyone is, but that song was pretty big back then. Just in case they would hear my song, because I am huge in the recording business, I googled

That the stories of The Beatles and Badfinger are intertwined is a matter of record. So is the fact that two of its members, Evans and Ham, each committed suicide by hanging themselves in, respectively 1983 and 1975. The band’s drummer, Mike Gibbins, died of a brain aneurism in 2005.

So there I guess i am safe with that rip off.

I can’t wait until I get some drums and other basic functions working in studio one again.

AND MR W I will most def write my next rock song to challenge you to vocal nasties.


I back away from the mic (or turn my head to the side) during “B”'s and “P’s” to avoid plosives. I detected no plosive problems with your song. Audio quality is very good per usual. Very nice melodies. Vocals are good for one take. Nice song! :slight_smile:

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Hey man,

You mentioned that you “…got a ton of plosives.” Rather than changing your performance approach, try reposition the mic 45° to the side or more while still pointing it at your mouth.

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Hi Oliver I actually tried that technique yesterday and it worked well. I should have posted a pic of the vox line showing those spikes. My goal was just to finish the song, so I just reduced those large spikes, and for some strange reason the change was barely noticed. Thanks man :slight_smile:

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Ok this a bump. Movin on now.

I think the drum sounds are ok… They certainly are appropriate for the style of song.

I think the main issue is that they sound so “small” in comparison to the vocal. It’s a matter of perspective. When the vocal sounds “bigger” than the drums, it creates a cognitive dissonance for the listener.

This is one of the really important aspects of mixing that doesn’t get enough air time IMO.

Have you ever seen a drawing or a picture that has things all out of perspective? In a kid’s drawing you often see a person drawn bigger than a house, for example.

Well, the same thing can happen with mixing. We perceive drums as loud and powerful instruments, so when they are much quieter and have more reverb than the lead vocal, our brain tells us that something isn’t right.

That’s the main issue I hear with the drums here. The solution involves sculpting the sounds with eq, compression and ambience to get a better comparative balance between them…

Hope that makes sense!


Hi Andy This song in general gets a C+ from me. That said, is that I started it in the old Studio one and then moved to my winter home here in Texas. I am tip toeing into Studio 5 and I am just getting it going.
I have tinnitus so bad right now I can’t even use headphones. Going to an ENT next week. In fact, just for the heck of it, I used my guitar and match my left ear tinnitus to the note C…haha
My first instincts were to not have drums at all because of obvious timing issues everywhere.
My first takes on the guitars back in michigan were so much better, but I started over here instead. My new breedlove would have been so much better.
I did use EQ, compression, vox delay etc more than I have ever done.
One of the classes I taught in high school was drafting so the perspective comment made great sense.
I know I might not ever get the mixing thing, But…making songs is just so much fun.
I just downloaded ubershell impact drums and it has some fun club sounds. I might lay down a track and just take off with a wild bass track. Completely different than my usual start.
Thanks for all the help and comments I have gotten from you over the years.

update I pulled the drums and brought up the guitars…done

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