I tried writing a song with just synth, bash hard please

I decided to mess around with a synth plugin one fine day and luckily stumbled upon some ideas. I would love to hear your thoughts on this piece. You are welcome to bash on the mix, songwriting, and everything else. Cheers!

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Good start. Full with movement, I am digging it. For me the ride? could be pushed further from the center, I find it a little dominant in this position but i love the sound of it. Not much else to say on first listen. Thanks for sharing.

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You have a good sound here @JonniKELANA , it fits well in the genre and the mix and balance are ok too. I’d like to hear more variety and detail, it sounds like you did this in a hurry. You could do a lot more with the rhythm and also give us more variety and depth, different voices and effects, more of the changes that relieve the repetition that builds after a minute or two. Just my opinion, sounds good though.

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I’m having difficulty finding anything that I can bash hard. I’m not very well-versed in this style of music, so I don’t have many preconceived ideas of how this should sound.

To me, everything sounds quite good. I probably would be able to give some suggestions if I listened to this repeatedly after a few days. Something that ingolee mentioned that I agree with to an extent, is this -

I might just define the different sections of the song more radically, so that the listener feels like the song is changing gears intermittently, throughout the song. You already have that but I think what ingolee is suggesting is that you make those changes more dramatic and obvious. I think it’s good as it is though. It’s really hard for me to say anything with certainty. I’m just nitpicking a bit.

The only other thing that I noticed is that the snare gets slightly “softened”, “weakened” when all the instruments are piling on in the busier parts of the arrangement. I think it’s the lower end instruments that are eating the space where the snare sits prominently otherwise. Maybe a little bit of automation or other mixing tricks to push up the snare volume at those points would keep the snare smacking really well. As it is though, it’s not a big issue and I might not have even noticed it if I had been listening to this song as a casual listener.

Nice work !

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I’m a bit confused about what I listened to since I don’t have any idea what it supposed to say.
As you mentionned, you messed around with a synth and wrote some ideas, but it didn’t sound like a song to me…
I found no obvious element that tell me where sections are and what they are (verse, chorus, bridge, solo…)
Mixwise, I also found things a bit messy: I suppose the synth has onboard FX and some could be switched off to let some parts breath a bit more.
I also missed some punch coming from drums and I found the overall mix too compressed, lacking of overall dynamic.

By the way, there are lot ideas on it and it would give lot of another ideas, for sure!

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Hi all thanks for listening and providing feedback, I surely appreciate it.

Yes, I tend to put cymbals towards the center. Somehow I always feel that putting cymbals at far left/right detached them from the mix. Is this a weird personal taste, or I just don’t know how to mix cymbals? I’d be down to learn.

Spot on @ingolee. This is just a really basic arrangement without much embellishments because I still have much to learn about fancy effects in this genre. I want to see if the core of this piece has any merit at all because why would you want to polish crap.

I have the same concern @Wicked. Returning to this after a week made it clear that the bass (also synth) kinda overpowered and muddied the mix. Also, I don’t know if using an acoustic drum is the best option for this song, but I did it anyway. It’s the Metal Machine EZX that I always use. Maybe the snare is just not the best for this context.

Yes thanks for the honesty @ncls. Original songs that I posted here tend to get this comment because I just don’t want to be limited by structures. If the song calls for a structure, sure, otherwise I throw in whatever I think is interesting (at the risk of alienating people that want structure). When there’s no vocal, I find adhering to structures is the most boring thing one could do. Just my opinion.

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I’m going to refrain from commenting about your mix as such at this point as I am also inexperienced with creating this style but I am also making a synth pop project for the first time - So I will be taking onboard the comments and advice as much as you!

For what it’s worth, I am enjoying it so far!

Ok, I see your point.
Even with instrumental music, I like the idea of going back and forth from home (chorus), as jazz does with a theme.
Most EDM tracks alternates with verse/chorus parts.
At least this is what I had in mind.

I hear ya. If you listened to the song again you’ll notice that I actually repeat part that is intended to be the ‘home’ 3 times. Maybe the part is so shit it doesn’t leave any impression on the listener :thinking:

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