I think I am in Love

I think I am in Love

Wanted to share a finished song @feaker (Paul) and I collaborated on.
“I think I am in Love with you” is a beautiful love song, just in time for Vday!

ps: His voice is going to make you cry! Shoutout to Paul.

I think I am in love with you

Finally I’m alone with you. It’s taken forever
Where do I begin? What should I say to you? I just don’t know
Stay cool don’t look excited. Can’t let you know I’m shakin inside
I’ve have to tell ya the way I feel. Been holdin back, but I’m gonna try

I think I am in love with you. Crazy maybe, but it’s really true
I think I am in love with you. All I want is to be with you

Oh man what’s happenin I think I’m goin insane since you came my way
Second after second after minute after minute I’ve been thinkin bout you every day

First time I ever saw your face I knew then you were one for me
Didn’t speak didn’t know your name I just knew we were meant to be
cuz i just wanna talk a litlle walk a little hug a little maybe start kissin on you
I just wanna let you know my love for you is gonna grow and I’ll be true I promise
It’s late I’m so tired still thinkin bout you


Nice. Well done both of you. I think i am in love with this song.

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Very nice, pretty, gentle sounding song.

At first I thought the intro guitars were a bit off timing-wise, but listening back a second time they seem fine. Paul’s voice might sound better than I’ve ever heard it sound. Maybe that’s because of the mix or Feaker might have pulled off a great performance. Speaking of mix…, I really like the mix here. The sparseness is really nice. The strings come in at the right time and add a nice vibe to the song. You got Paul’s (Feaker’s) voice sitting really nicely in the mix and I like the gentle ambient effect you have on it.

Great job, FluteCafe and Feaker!

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@feaker did a great job singing it. The gentle touches he adds are pretty warm and innocent sounding.
I did the mix and added the orchestral touches. I tried to preserve the originality of the song as much as possible and just added a wee bit of shine and ambient sparkle along with some warm compression. I didnt want to tamper with it anymore as it is too easy to keep adding more and ruin the “thought invoking” sparseness it creates.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback
@Wicked @redworks


Thanks so much for improving my song

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Dude that song is great and you play a huge part in that. Well done.


Wow, just wow! This is really excellent.

@feaker Paul’s song and vocals are beautifully whimsical as usual, but @FluteCafe Michelle’s additional production, arrangement and mix really take this to the next level. I can really appreciate the extra vocal production and harmony nuances now.

Brilliant job from all involved! :beerbanger: