I think I am in love with you......done....thanks to all...time to say good night to her

I posted this song a few months ago and all agreed it needed more work. I started tearing it apart yesterday and thought maybe adding some drums would help. I forgot that when I made it, I just sat in front of the computer and started playing without even a click track. I thought EZ drummer would sync to it, but now way. I tried all the studio one plugins and that was a disaster. ( I don’t know how to quantisize) I then did use the S1 percussion and then had to hand move all of the drum beats (as a guess, lining up with the guitar track) by hand. It took several hours. I didn’t want them to be prominent in the mix, just a little cement. After it was all done, I wondered if it was worth it at all? Drums or bare, what is your take? Thanks…update, I removed the drums and that second lead intro. now that straight strumming needs some work. ha ha

I think I am in love with you

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Love this, Paul. Yup, the drums were worth it. Bring the volume up a tad on the drums, though. Maybe just 3 dB or so. They’re sweet. Very subtle.

Really like your guitars and bass. Perfect mix. Nice tune. A winner.

Is this an original?

Hi Tesgin Yes, I wrote that two years ago and put it on a shelf like so many others. Started playing it awhile back and began liking it. Yes, the drums I will bring up a bit. That intro was ok, but I think I carried it a bit too far. Having a rainy day today, so I am messin with it again. I try to use the guitars for some sustained background and of course they fizzle out with time. I am going to have to get a keyboard. ha ha The song also lacks dynamics. Good puzzle for me to figure out. Thanks for listening

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Ah. Too hard on yourself, my friend. This is one of my favorites of yours – if not my all-out fav! :slight_smile:

Bring the drums up and call it a night!

I love it as is, but if you could con someone into adding some light strings, that’d be nice too.

Really like this a lot, Paul.

Hey Paul,
Another Feakerlicious song! This truly is a love song. Simple and straight to the heart, no melodramatics. Great song. I’m quite sure you must be the most prolific songwriter of our community here! Ever counted all your songs?
I like the capo’d guitar. Reminds me of George Harrison’s “Here come’s the sun”, but then different.
Mix wise: don’t change much, but yes the drums could come up a bit. They were so soft I couldn’t check (on my laptop speakers) if your hard work paid off. It happens to me too. I recorded a few riffs for a new song recently without a click track. I needed a tutorial from You tube to teach me how to set the beats per minute to the existing track (in Reaper anyway - don’t know how other DAWs do it). But then I spent more than an hour realigning the guitar part to fit the click track. Would have been a lot easier to just record a new track with the click track in the right speed. That’s the trouble: when you know you can fix it in the mix you forget that you could probably fix it all the better by rerecording…

Hi Tesgin I brought the drums and shaker up about 4db. Can’t believe they were that low. duhhh
Yeah some strings would bring some nice accents. thanks bud

Hi Evert Like the Feakerlicous tag. ha ha I have about 125 songs now. None really that good tho. I keep chuggin along tho. In fact that is a title of a new song I am workin on. ha ha
This was a trial in patience with that drum track. I have to tame that acoustic track a bit too. The highs are biting my ear. Each time I listen to any of my songs I always hear something I don’t like??
Thanks for the very kind words and the best to you

Evert, if it’s handy, would love that link! It’s a pain. Paul, you did a nice job with that.

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Ahh yay, I really like this song, it’s a sweetie. I’m not 100% convinced by the percussion. I like the shaker - it seems to fit in nicely but some other bits just didn’t quite fit into my concept of the song, but they are not intrusive and if you hadn’t described putting them in, they may not have jumped to my attention. Lovely harmonies in this and your voice, again, is sounding great!! I am going through a ‘minimalist’ phase, so ignore me at your leisure!! :wink:

Hi Emma I am still not convinced that it needs drums either??? Ha ha I think I could have maybe had something that might work if I could use EZ, but alas I mutted again. I know your voice cycles in and out with the wind. One must be patient right? Hope hubby is feeling better. Thanks for the 2 cents

Thank you for the reviews! Now your song: the song is heartfelt. The vocals are well done. Did you do all of the vocals? Now I have to ask: is that your natural singing voice, or is that a falsetto? Not that it matters, but enquiring minds want to know. The guitar sounds very good: part of it sounds Beatle-esque (“Here Comes the Sun”). Part of one of the guitar riffs matches one of my guitar or keyboard riffs (I don’t even remember which it is of mine, or which song of mine). My only gripe is that the song ends somewhat abruptly. I think you could fix that without too much trouble unless you’re tired of working on it. Nice song. :slight_smile:

Hi aaron I do everything on my songs except I use EZdrummer on some. My easy range for singing is usually between low A on the guitar to about G# high. It all depends on allergy attacks. ha ha
As far as the end, they say not to have a gradual ending, but I don’t think I will do that anymore:)
I forgot to mention I am writing a new song about a ghost. That would have been the one for you to help with. This one has been out there for awhile. My fault. Thanks for your comments. I love your stuff

I’m not saying you necessarily have to do a gradual fade out. You could do a dramatic ending just like this (just kidding!):

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