I started a song and unusual way...I googled dark song lyrics

this one is history folks…on to the next


Am AmM7 (eg#c) Am7 D

                                             F                            G              Am 

Grief… Pain…fear… rage ……trapped tears … cry… outloud

poisonous anxiety controls… me

F F#m C

Unleashed despair ……from hurtful words

Repetitive anger so long endured…

Venomous guilt… impossible cure

twisted hateful curse E7

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Hi feaker,
I really love this work!
For me, this is just the intro.
Then the whole band comes in, with a rage-type music, just pure head banging rock tune, and everyone is just letting loose!!!
Then back to the acoustic one-wonders, with a message of hope and path towards some good stuff to go forward with.
I love the work that you have done!!!

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Hi Rene I am running out of ideas for songs. I am really not a negative person. It is also difficult to sound nasty. ha ha
I like your thoughts of having this take off. In fact just this morning I pulled out a whammy bar that came with my PRS. It was still in the case and used a bit in the song. As I put the guitar down I hesitated and thought I should just take it further and dial in some new settings. So your thoughts are reinforced.
The lyrics don’t even make much sense. I jotted them down from the google dark song search. I think there were about 50 words I retrieved. And then, like a crossword puzzle trying to find something that would possible fit.
The process is always exciting no matter the final result.
Thanks for your thoughts

Hi feaker,
If you watched The Grammy’s, there is a live performance that I kind of remember that is a bit like your song.
The band started very subdued, and then bursted into a rock and headbang style chaos of musical genius.

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The song might be short, but I think it is quite good! Nice full sound, nice guitar riffs, and very good singing! :slight_smile: