I put out this song having covid and pneumonia and it sounds like it

I had to do something to not focus on how threatening this virus has me. You will hear how my voice goes straight downhill from Monday on. I had to lay down often. Pathetic I say.
Anyhow, when you think that you might not be around for to much longer you don’t think radical lyrics and song making. this is as sickening as it gets. But the good thing is I had/have something to focus away from illness.

I’m a lucky guy

I wanna be there in the morning when you open your eyes G Am7 F D
The dawn is breakin I’m excited I have butterflies.in my belly

It’s silent now she’s sleeping so peacefully…this angel sent to me is so beautiful Em Bm F D
I’m humbled in this moment holding back a tear I feel a calm inside when you are so near

I’m a lucky guy that I found someone like you F C Bb C
You’re everything a guy could want a love that is so true
I’m a lucky guy when our eyes met I knew
Some guys will search their whole life and never find someone like you

Those beautiful blue eyes…have found my face…a baby smile is forming I can see
You touch my face…pull be down to you…a kiss I feel commin how sweet it will be

Warm…wet our lips touch…an intensity so wonderful a muted moan
Wrapped up…as lovers…a feeling deep inside that I have never known


Love it Paul! Harmonica solo, whistling solo, and an uplifting major chord modulation at the end of the chorus. I really enjoyed that one :+1: Keep on singing playing, and writing, man - music is a great healer!

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Awesome that you could work on music Paul! Your voice seems particularly vulnerable, which has an even sweeter tone to it. I’m encouraged that you’re going to make it, and come back with a vengeance to Rock once again. I think we need more Creepy Clown madness to cast the demons into the pit!

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This tune is really nice. For a guy with Covid you’re really doing a great job. Nice work, Paul !:+1::+1:

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I think it sounds great! It’s crazy you worked through your sicknesses to produce this. Love the harmonica and whistling. How do you get your vocals to sit on top so well?

A couple thoughts: drums seem a bit quiet, and bass may a bit too powerful. This could be due to my 10+ year-old workhorse headphones.

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Hi Ryan So good you came back to the forum. I’m not sure how the vocal is “so clear”, but I use an AKG 414 and it picks up everything. Including rubbing your fingers together. I also sing about 6 inches from it on an angle and I think the recommended is a foot?
I am so glad you said something about the bass volume. When working in the studio, using both speakers and headphones, the bass seems to be at the right level. When I get back to my laptop, it sounds too loud. I then think, that if nobody says anything about it, it must be sorta close. I don’t know much about mixing, but the bass meter is much higher in general than the guitars, etc.
The drums suck, I know. I use the ones in studio one for convenience and fast loading. I have EZ but don’t do well with those. Drums are the only midi I used. I have an electronic drum set and should use it more often.
I got the iv drip monoclonal antibodies Friday and now feel like I am going to pull through this. I am glaad you liked the song. I am going to go back now, feeling stronger and put some better guitar in there. It was a one take strumming like a rookie would do.
Thanks so much and one again welcome back

Thank you for the review! Some of your vocals might not be as strong as usual, but in some ways make it sound more heartfelt (though it helped to know the why). Very good melodies and song! Audio quality is very good too! Glad you are still kicking man! Fight the good fight and stay positive! :slight_smile:

Now that you’ve had time to recover, I’ll just say this a nice heartfelt song that could be produced really nicely if you ever wanted to. If you could imagine Cat Stevens doing a bedroom demo for Wild World, this one has that kind of potential to be blown up into something big.
I do hear you gasping for air a little, so I know you didn’t feel great while you put this together, but hopefully you’re feeling better. Nice job!

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Hi Bob. Yeah recording helped to keep my mind on something going thru this again. I am about at 80% again so I am thankful for that. I thought that any and all songs about covid would cycle quickly and have no value, but I’m not so sure anymore. As far as being “produced nicely”, I simply don’t have the chops for that venture. I was never schooled at all. I basically throw things together. I played in a band is my only credentials. ha ha I am working on another now that goes back and forth between D and B minor. Has a nice feel. Playing the D chord and then hit the low B note alternately. Kinda flows. thanks for the listen and pos vibe

So just invite people to play with the song and make production suggestions if you feel like it. This place is full of talented people who would be happy to help if you want them to.
Of course, if your vision for the song was to keep it simple and direct, it is fine as it is. That part is up to you.

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I have had to invites that worked out well. Dave and Emma. Both were fun. The lameness of my expertise is the problem. Unless files are here to grab, I don’t do well with drop boxes etc. I would love to do more collabs etc and have mentioned it many times. I have told folks to take a song they like and run with it. I will sign off on everything. My wish is for one of my tracks to do something. Ha ha None the less it is my fav thing to do…making them that is. Great sentence structure. There are a half dozen folks here with tons of talent walkin around this place…yup