I never have taken drugs, but wrote a song on how I thought it would feel

I never have taken drugs, but wrote a song on how I thought it would feel
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Ha ha The song is called “round and round”. Come on, fess up, is this how it feels???.




Ahh yay, a new song from you and with a different twist for sure… shades of ‘mellow yellow’ - crikey, haven’t thought of that song for a while :smile:
Cool song, and yes, does capture that spinning trippy sort of vibe for sure… hmm actually with the fx on the vocal and the round and round I found it almost tooo spinny as the song progressed. The drums feel a little bit sort of sluggish at times… I like how the beats change… a synth could work wonderfully for this song, hmm, now I’m listening again, I wondered about bringing the guitars up a bit more, there’s a nice bass in there but it sits a little low in the mix to me. You are such a cool songwriter Paul, it’s always a delight to hear your fresh melodic approach… enjoyed this!!


Hi there Emma Old farts can still make music right? ha ha Yeah, that wah wah has to away in places. I first just started messing with that chord progression and then I felt like being spaced out. I get the too spinny thangy. I haven’t done a thing to improve it. I like to get feedback like yours and then dig in. I got the spinning round thing from when I had triple heart bypass surgery. Two of the triple bypasses failed so the doc said that a portion of the lower half of one side of my heart was gonna die off. The pain was so bad so I asked for morphine. I was allergic to it and my ticker stopped for quite a long time. When I was coming out of it, a beautiful white lattice crystal was spinning slowly “round and round” and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It lasted for about twenty minutes and had the medical staff on edge. ha ha At that point I thought about what goes on inside your head when you take drugs etc. I just got to writing something about it. btw, I can still outwork most 20 year olds today. tmi for sure?
Thanks for the listen and the great comments dear friend.




Gawd, that bypass thing sounds surreal and highly spooky… but clearly it was inspirational!
And you lived to tell the tale, how long ago was it? No wonder you live a clean and healthy lifestyle these days!!
I look forward to hearing more of this :smile:


I get a Lucy in the Sky vibe out of it, more about the experience than actually inducing the feeling like you’re on them when you’re not. If you listen to Astronomy Domine by Floyd in any state you feel like you’re floating. Also, I’m not sure about the opening line. Most addicts wouldn’t admit to escapism.


I never do drugs either but this sounds like the kind of music that comes from those who do. I think you could get going with some automation and bring up the guitars when there are no vocals and up just a bit when the vocals are there. I think that would help to gel the instruments and the vocals. The effects and vocal treatment are a treat and i am digging this song. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Mr Jive Nice to meet you. I’m not sure if I was even thinking about addicts. You have a good point there. I was thinking more of an escape recreationally. ha ha I just blurt out lyrics when I compose. My brain is fried from old age and not drugs. tee hee thanks for your input




Hi Mr Red. I don’t use the wah wah very often, but for this kinda song it was quite fun. It starts workin on me in a bad way as the song goes on tho. I might see if i can substitute something different behind the singing. Had to put myself in a weird state to sing this :slight_smile: Never used a chord progression like this before. I don’t know how to automate. I know what it does, so I might be able to adjust volumes in certain areas that way:)

Thanks Red




Hey, @feaker. I love the song. Brings to mind Sgt. Pepper era Beatles, you even sound a little like John Lennon. If you’d allow it, I’d love to do a super trippy remix of this song. Your mix is perfecty fine, but I’d love to play around with this one. I’ll PM you my email if you’d let me.


It’s a great track, but I think that lyric is a bit blatant. Do what you want though, brother. You’ve got the power.



I love the topic! One thing that bothers me tough: your verse is more than similar to a famous song, both melody and chord progression (and in the same key): Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! by the Beatles.

Your chorus has a nice feel change.


That’s the one. I knew it sounded just like one of the songs from that album. I guess he’s the new Lennon.


Hi CPF I don’t have any plans for this song. Just a quickie. My daughter has me on a huge project for about a week. If you could wait, I would enjoy that.




Hi Lopho Wow, I can hear it now. It’s funny, I have grown up with the Beatles and play most of their songs, but not that one. Oh well, It felt original at the time. thanks for checking it out




Absolutely. It’s your art. (Well, copyright wise it’s probably the Beatles’ too).