I Never Cry, Alice Cooper 1976

“I Never Cry” is a song by American singer Alice Cooper. It was originally released on his Alice Cooper Goes to Hell album in 1976. The song was written by Cooper and Dick Wagner.

This classic is heartily dedicated to all our strong peoples of the world.
And to let you know that it is okay to cry, and it is actually okay to say “sorry”!!!

Peace and Love to all!!!

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Seeing you do this song was a nice surprise Rene! I’m a big Alice Cooper fan, at least his early/older (Rock) stuff, and for me even his slower ballad-type songs are really excellent.

I have to admire the finger-picked acoustic work, as that’s not something I have ever done all that well, and that you can sing and play that at the same time is awesome. It looks like you have at least a couple electric guitars, and I look forward to you playing one of those some time. With your setup as you described it, maybe just bring a small amp up to the guitar microphone?

Your vocals are very nice, though I have to say that in the upper range your voice is a bit ‘pitchy’ on this song, and when you cross “the break” in your voice between low range and high range, there are some issues there too. It’s not uncommon at all, and takes some work to address those type of things. I did 2 years with a voice coach to work on things like that, which did help me, and of course the voice is the most dynamic of all ‘instruments’ so it’s always a work in progress, and depends on the organic condition of the voice on any particular day.

That said, I noticed you have some very good control of your vocal vibrato when you choose to employ it (many places, but 0:48 and 3:00 for example), and that was really nice and shined quite well in this song. Overall, your voice comes across well in many aspects, and there are some opportunities to see that in this song which I am continually fascinated to see you explore. I hadn’t realized how vocally challenging this song is to sing until I saw you do it. Kudos for diving into the performance and posting it!



I’ve been enjoying your songs here at the Indie. The song choices along with your location has been fun.

Big Alice fan here as well. Thank you !


Hi Stan,
I love the honesty and the high-level competency in your feedback!
I wish I have somebody like you beside me when I am doing my recordings and compositions, as I can really gain a bunch from your expertise and experience.
One thing I need to do, is to properly warm up the vocals, which I never do.
My warm-up is the numerous tries I take before I can to a reasonably acceptable performance recording.
Thanks for the excellent comments and inspiration.

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HI JayGee,
Great to hear from you, and love your comments.
Alice Cooper has been in my musical journey, and this song is a fav.
This song was released, and I was in the prime of my teens!!!
Thank you for your compliments, especially on the song choices and the music room.
We are simply from the same musical soundscape, and I appreciate you!!!

Nerer heard this before. touching for sure. Like I said once before…you need to got out there and perform. love your soft stuff btw why didn’t you dress like him for this?

ha ha I just tried to upload and image of some unusual dress of his but it just says processing upload and never stops

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Hi feaker,
I am so glad to report that I performed this weekend in our Church Picnic, after almost 3 years with no big gathering.
I set up a canopy and my usual acoustic guitar + vocals repertoire.
I had my Bose L1 Compact, and my Bose ToneMatch mixer.
I used my Taylor K14ce.
Everything went very well.
I was quite exhausted, but had a grand time.
My wife had to pull me off my “little stage” so people can go home.
Me and the wife also played for the Church Service/Mass prior to the picnic.
I am so glad to have delivered this classic to your musical ear!!!
I am still hoping I can get into our local Farmer’s market, as I was told, somebody will be contacting me.
Thank you for your solid support and inspiration!!!


You have some great equipment to accompany “that voice”. I always enjoyed folks singing along to songs like piano man or american pie. You can’t beat playing live i say. Yes your wife was reading your fatigue. they save us from ourselves so often. what fun

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You are always much appreciated Paul!!!