I need ears to detect boxiness in this vocal and acoustic

This is a song that has no timing of any kind. I just stop and start playing again. It never had bass before so I added a track today. I have tinnitus now, so I am at a loss.


Hey there I love you…i really do are you surprised? C Fadd2
Hey there did you know…I practiced those few words every night

I told you what’s inside me…it wasn’t and easy thing to do
Simple and honest words…I just want to hear them from you

I hold in my arms an angel…our love that is shiny and new
When will those soft words be whispered
Why won’t she say I love you…too

Hey there say something…I see no emotion in your eyes
Hey there I’m waiting…that look that you give needs no disguise


Very pretty and engaging. The acoustic guitars sound great, and the vocals have a nice sparkle to them, like you’re using a new effect or maybe a different mic?
This is a nice start, hope you flesh it out.

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[quote=“StylesBitchley, post:2, topic:6446”]
like you’re using a new effect or maybe a different mic

Hi Bob I have noticed that this song has been getting regular attention on soundcloud. I decided to try online mastering (free) and hear what the result might be. I think the place was bandcamp?
Anyway, with nothing to lose and me not liking my attempt at mixing, I gave it a whirl. After a minute or so I downloaded it and to my surprise, it sounded better. Not sure what the machine did, but it did explain the step sequence as it went along.

I can’t use percussion, unless it was hand made? Poor guy in this track wanted so much to be loved.

I am in Texas now with a very limited studio. ha ha take care Bob

Hi Paul,
This is a very touching song, and I am digging it.
There is definitely timing in this song, and even when you stop, or slow down, I can still sense the time, and it falls down on the right timing.
I love the harmony, and the vocals is so sweet, and lovable.
The lyrics might feel simple but it penetrates the heart, and touches the soul, truly a work of art and so full of emotion, feelings of love, straight from the heart!!!
Simply beautiful.


Hi Rene Yes, the timing falls in the 83 bpm range. I played with it this morning with easy drummer and if I manually trigger it, the timing works out. (hit and miss) EZ has a feature that will assign bpm’s as it syncs to the song, but not on this one. I will mess around with it later today again.
Good catch and feel that it did in fact have some sort of timing on this track. thanks for your two cents

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Wow, outstanding song, Paul! I really love the structure, the rubato verse, and then the uplifting chorus and harmonies.

Just listening at work, so I can’t help you with the boxiness you speak of.

Great stuff!

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Hi Andy I had to look that phrase up. I must have had some kinda of a click track a few years back when I did this track. This is the first time I downloaded a full song into studio one and then added the bass. I might try some percussion if I can figure out how to sync it. thanks for the listen and comments

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I suffer from tinnitus a bit at times myself, but I think your audio quality sounds very good to me! Very nice song, guitar playing and vocals; it sounds heartfelt. Glad the ending was not abrupt.

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Look for the midi editing device and open it on your drum track. You will have a grid that shows where the hits fall, and you can move them right or left to match the timing.

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Hey Bob That would be a huge technical step for me, but I will try. ha ha My daughter has me doing some very difficult tasks now and I have no energy left. Blasted out all the ceramic tile in four bathrooms and now starting with the vinyl flooring. Hard to stand up after hours on the floor. Elder abuse…take cae ole friend

It’s not difficult, but it can be tedious. In Studio One it is called Music Editor, I believe.
What I do in Reaper is line up the track where the accent should go, and use the cursor to position the drum hit. On this song I’d presume you’d use the acoustic guitar to line up the drums.
Once you have a verse and chorus lined up, you’ll be able to copy and paste a percussion track together easily, and add accents for variety.
Again, it isn’t difficult, but you might spend 10 minutes to get 30 seconds of percussion. Right now the song is short enough to do it without going crazy.

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I am on a laptop here in Texas. All I have is a jump drive with that song on it. I don’t have all the tracks, although, as I remember, there were only a few. So far with the edit, is the whole song and the bass that I plucked down a few days ago. As soon as I get some time, I will try again to sync the drums.
I never mind taking a ton of time for one modification. I’m RETIRED :slight_smile: