I must be crazy...Done...thanks Rene

I wanted to make a mysterious track that might keep one’s attention? Only problem, you can only stay in D minor just so long.

  I must be crazy				Dm...  C G Dm 

She comes …alone… somewhere bout midnight…doesn’t…talk… to no one

Slams down her whiskey …tips the bar-keep…and whispers to him I gotta run

Maybe I’ve been wastin my time…waitin at this bar thinkin I could be her guy

She’s beautiful mysterious…she could have… anyone … Bb C Dm

I say Hi, she don’t turn her head I’m thinkin maybe she’s just a little bit shy C G F G (Dm)

I say hi she just turns away… I’m wishin and a hopin she ain’t got some other guy

F C Gm C…end Dm

Crazy… I must be crazy… to think a gorgeous stranger would look my way…hey

Crazy I must be crazy…but I’m gonna keep trying cuz I got some stuff to say…ta you


11 45 she’s watchin tv… slammin more drinks sittin next to me Dm… C G Dm

Slowly got myself up…circled round the bar… got in her face…no more tv

Starin in those cold dark eyes…they were focused like lasers ….into mine

She said I been watchin on you…you surely took …your sweet time

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Hi feaker,
This song delivers the mysterious sound you are driving at, and it did get my attention. The stay in Dm is not bad at all.
This scene happens all the time in bars all over the world.
And you are not crazy, to think and act this way at all.
This song would be able to connect to a lot of folks, and it is a universal scene all over.
Good lyrics. I like the song, and the chord progressions.

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