I Missed the Memo

I Missed the Memo

Maybe you did too. The Backstage category used to show up on my home screen when I logged in but then it stopped doing that a while ago. Turns out that in each category when you switch to it there is a little ‘bell’ icon that determines whether or not that category shows up on the home page when you log in to IRD.

Apparently by default the bell is set to ‘normal’ on all categories which means that when somebody posts something it rises to the top of the home page list. But at some point my ‘Backstage’ bell got set to mute and the category disappeared. So apparently I missed the explanation for this, or maybe it was just a glitch on my account only?

I would have posted this in Backstage, but then who would have seen it?


This bell? Right center?

Yes that’s it. Did you know about it re: the backstage category?

I remember someone posted about upcoming changes to home page and backstage. I remember people submitted their homepage screenshots too, but cant remember what the post was called now but I was aware that the some changes were coming related to backstage and homepage.
I see that Backstage category posts dont show up in trending (latest) section which doesnt bother me personally as it is stuff ‘behind the scenes’ technically but I think you can track it if you wish to.

Click on the bell and choose your preference.


It was changed so that items in the backstage category were not so prevalent to new users, search engines, etc. It also helps promote more talk related to music related stuff. Hope that helps


Gosh, @holster, that helps me, but how did you expect anyone to figure that out? I had to learn it in @ingolee’s topic here.

Why not add a little text as well as a mysterious bell icon? Is that not sensible?

Why not also add it under the general Backstage topic as well?

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For those of you who haven’t set your preferences to track the Backstage category (discussed above) you may have missed some beautiful music by @FluteCafe .