I just really really wanna be a cowboy....bash riff yawl

I just really really wanna be a cowboy....bash riff yawl


I’m from the midwest and trying to talk/sing southern style was a disaster in this track. I winter in Texas and after two words out of my mouth, most locals say “where you from anyway” ha ha So I tried a new approach when I went to the Houston rodeo. I walked up to the concession gal and and said “give me a pop” she said “where you from anyway, we say soda down here”. I wrote a song about it. Wondering about the vibe and guitar riff etc.



Mmm, loving your vocal tone in this… a warm growling that makes me smile… and you sound so sweet as a wannabe cowboy hehe… lovely song Paul… catchy hooky and all fitting together nicely… just sneaking a listen on crappy speakers but really enjoying this.
Cool song! Yay for new songs!! You are sounding slick buddy! :beerbanger:


Listening with earbuds on the iPad. I’m digging it. I’m always pleased wit the guitar parts you come up with.


Hi Al. Most riffs sound like someone else’s. Trying to get a blend that at least sound like country. As far as the guitar parts, thank you for that comment, but now as I listen, one side sounds a little dead. Might need reverb on the vox too. Be cool to have a gal sing the “where’s your tan, where’s your swagger…” bridge part
Thanks for stopping by bud



its got a lot of groove , funny story too


As I live on the UK South Coast I am not on a position to quantify this statement! Where you come from is not as relevant as where your direction on indie music is heading! From what I have just listened to you’re heading in the right direction. I like the way you sang it, you kept the song simple and uncomplicated, and it worked!

Look my good man, every chord has been played, every conceivable riff has been used, so any likeness to any other track is purely coincidental! The question that perhaps needs to be asked “Is it likable?” The answer… yes.

I enjoyed listening to it 4 times whilst I put this summary together. Well done :smile:


Hi Ailwyn I am in Texas for the winter with my daughter and family. I always produce songs from real life happenings. Sometimes they are a little corny, but hey, they were a part of my life. And yes on the riff. I played that the first time and thought it was just a tad different from many that I have heard. (usually during TV comercials) I grew up on rock and played that in a band for many years. I love all kinds of music but have not messed with country much.
I also hear a lot of garbage on the track, that at one time, I thought was quite clean. This site and the nice folks have really helped me listen more clearly. I really appreciate your kind words. Just about the time I think it’s about time to hang it up, I read something like your post and get all charged up again.
The best to you



Great song! The vibe is excellent and I like the guitar riff you should turn it up a bit and a little less reverb so it’s more prominent would be great.
I really like (In no particular order) the main guitar riff, the words and the galloping trot rhythm in the chorus my suggestion would be that you bring up the vocals in the chorus just a hair, like half or a full db and no more, (I’d compress those vocals bit more too maybe) but the absolute star of the show is refrain “Where you from anyway?” bring that up a little bit more, love the growl you put in that and really brings it home, probably should find a way to repeat it at the end too, it’s too good.


Hi Damian Great suggestions. I forgot how fun that was saying where you from anyway. ha ha Some here say “you a yank?” No kidding. Glad you could feel the galloping in the chorus. I tried to play the guitar parts that way. Might have a few too many effects on that tho. Might be masking the vocal. I have a higher type voice, so projecting that low is a triaI.
Gotta check that reverb on the PRS I usually don’t use any. ???
I guess the real story is not so much wanting to be a cowboy. It’s more about not being one of them and getting busted about it time after time. ha ha Thanks again for your help. I am going to be busy for sure