I just need some painting ideas

I need some help generating ideas for painting my panels. I moved into a new house this year, and by the time I was moved in, I was too lazy to paint my room. So now my panels and my walls are almost the same color. It looks pretty dumb. Moving everything in order to paint the walls is way more work than I’m willing to do, so my next best option is to try to color the panels in some form.

The fabric is off-white burlap. I don’t have any strong style preferences, so I’m open to any ideas on ways I can color these things without adding new fabric to them.

I think it would be near impossible to coat them in a single color without making them look even cheaper than they already do, so I’m just looking for other brainstorming ideas on ways I can de-boringify the panels without making them look dumb.

Could you cover the panels in patterned / coloured fabrics?

I could, but it’s kind of a pain to recover them, and I’m not that keen on spending the money on all the fabric. I have my limits as far as how much money I’m willing to spend on vanity, and that limit is pretty low.

Fabric Paint?

Yeah, I need to use fabric paint, but burlap is so textured that it won’t take a solid color and still look good, so solid paint has been knocked out of the option pool. I need to find a non-solid design that I can do (I’m not a painter) that won’t look dumb.

I’m thinking of just doing some blotch painting, but I think even that I could screw up.

what about something like coffee or tea staining.

I hadn’t considered that. I’ll look into it.

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You could go down this road…


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