I hope you like songs with no vocals

I hope you like songs with no vocals


Happy new year everyone.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with my free time for the last couple of weeks. My biggest doubt is on the arrangement. It’s longer than my usual, and the song goes all over the place with almost nothing being repeated. I’m probably going to redo some of the lead parts since they sound a bit out of tune to me. In the meantime, please bash the crap out of this song.


Mix 1:

Mix 2:

Edit: added mix 2 - rerecorded some lead parts, less low mids on the bass


Wish I had a nickel for every time I commented on a post and hit enter. Just wiped out my whole two cents again. Like her voice. I will watch to see what the big guys say. Might be the mids are slightly low? Happy new year:)


Maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve often pondered writing a song that has no repeated parts. But, I’ve only written one song with vocals using that kind of “no repeat” scheme. It’s kind of a refreshing approach to songwriting.

I like the vibe you’ve got with this song. I enjoyed it.


Quite cinematic, Jonni! I applaud your producing an anti-pop song like this. It does go all over the place like a narrative, and it is lots of fun to listen to going there. Insofar as the length, it went a long way and needed all that time, for it certainly wasn’t overly repetitive. More a tour de force.

Well, if you hear some tune issues, by all means fix them if you can, but I thought it all sounded just right. It sounded authentic.


Hi guys thanks for your feedback. Sorry I took a while to reply.

@feaker Not sure whose voice you like but it seems you were commenting on other topic and accidentally post it here? :smile: Anyway, the mids may seem low because I was using single coil guitar instead of the usual humbuckers.

@Wicked Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! It is refreshing to do this kind of arrangement. But I have to admit, I didn’t plan it to be this way. I wanted that intro riff to be kind of the main theme, but I couldn’t come up with anything that smoothly transitioned back to it. So I just keep adding new stuff :man_shrugging: writing is hard.

@steban Thank you for all those kind words Steve! I really don’t know what else to say, cheers :beerbanger:

So like I said in the first post, I’m hearing issues with some of the lead parts that I couldn’t let go. If anyone still cares, I posted the a very slightly different version at the top. And, I noticed the bass has too much low mids, so I cut some of it. Feel free to comment on the new mix.