I have been badly bested by Rene in production...haha a quicky ditty

Going to the doc Tuesday for a month long sore throat and voice rasp.
This demo song is a parallel to one I did a while back about a young man not having the courage to show his feelings to a young lady. I have two chorus’s because I didn’t know what tense to tell the story in.

What is she thinking

Another doubt… another fear…. another sleepless night
She talked to me… this first time (I can’t recall)… did I say things right

What are ya thinking and what are you whisperin…
To yur closest friends every little detail
What are ya thinkin…I hope it’s bout me
Did I pass or did I fail

There comes a time… to be a man… and lose those childhood fears
So much at stake…a chance to take …I’ve run from all these years

What is she thinking and what is she whisperin…
To her closest friends every little detail
What is she thinkin…I hope it’s bout me
Cuz too many times I have failed


Hi Paul,
This is a really lovely song!
I love the melody, a lot!
The message is also very universal.

But I did not know we had a contest, or I would have tried to double my production, hahahaha!!!

Take care of yourself, especially that bugging sore throat.
The raspiness can add to the warmth and flavor of a song.

Thanks again, and stay healthy, Paul!!!

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Competition in music is a real turn off. Any art, even commercial art like modern music production is mind consuming and a futile pursuit just to have your music “heard”.

Writing music just for the art’s sake is not lost, its just masked by the series of hoops one has to perceivably jump through.

Leaves a discouraging taste in your mouth when you see others getting recognition for their efforts and you have none.

Its a damn shame. We are all artists, period.

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Yeah that was a joke. the forum loves and appreciates Rene. He can put a song together in minutes. For a long time there were only a couple of us producing songs on a regular basis. Now there seems to be new life and it is once again fun.


Yeah, i get it.

My response to Rene was something I haven’t addressed from other sites and other artists and not necessarily a response to your post alone.

Nor was it a refutation of anything you said in jest. It was just the overall feeling i felt of seemingly unknown artists reaching for that brass ring that doesn’t exist.

We all know that saying, its not what you know but who you know.
That notion of living by your referrals holds the key IMO.

Rene is a good guy, and so are all of you here. Thanks.


I have not personally entered in any songwriting contest.
Although, I have co-written a song / Collab that was entered into a contest, which was fun to see the process.
I am afraid to enter, as the feeling of losing/not winning is not fulfilling.
I think, I am with “studio” on this, I will simply continue to write for myself, and for the message that I want to spread, which is hope, peace and love!!!
I am an artist, and I want my creation to be simply a reflection of my experiences and desires for the promotion of the 3-mentioned virtues or feelings!

I do have my “award-winning” songs published and available for personal download in many online music sellers, like Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc.
Feaker’s original composition, A Little Ole Smile, which he graciously allowed me to tweak, just enough to put my stamp on it, will now be available for online purchase, very very soon!!! feaker also allowed me to get this published under Distrokid Music Distribution.

“Award-winning” - in my own mind. And when this song makes money, feaker and myself will have dinners and wines, and more happy songs to share. What a dream, and I should say, every single one of us has to chase our dreams (hope is alive)!!!

Thanks studio, and thanks feaker!!!

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Hi feaker,
It is very gratifying to know that what we have done in this forum, did make a small difference.
And same is true in real life, we will not know if our small contribution to the improvement of “life” will make a difference, if we do not have the initiative and “true belief” that a seed could grow, amidst all the weeds.
Thank you fakery for your generosity, and graciousness, and your consistent support for all IRD membership!!!

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Another very pretty song Paul, sweet lyrics of a bygone era. This one reminds me of the 1960’s as some of your other songs have. Interesting discussions about the travails of being artist as well! Best wishes for your health!


Hi studio,
Very nice show of heart and “burning desires”!!!
The flame of “doing the right thing”, especially for a starting professional in any field, can quickly be extinguished by the overruling winds of greed and power.
I will still say, especially to the young people, that opportunities still exist, and the power of goodness will always push you like a wind behind your sail, especially in tough moments.
Yes, one has to make a step back to make 5 sweet steps forward, and to play the life game of “Snakes and Ladders”, but keep the eyes on the prize, and always choose virtues over gains.

Wow, now I am babbling.
All I wanted too say is “thank you”!!!
Carry on, shipmates!!!

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Well ya know Rene, you are fortunate to have all the boxes checked for success. You look good, you play good, you sing good and you are very nice. Boom !!!
I don’t have any yearning to be popular anywhere. The challange to me is like working a crosswords puzzle. When words start forming and notes appear, the magic happens.
I have two other songs that would fit your style that are my all time favorites that you can claim. Both have good lyrics and melody lines. They can be found at soundcloud under feaker66 I had to reapply once and added my HS grad date.
The names of the songs are kissin on you and I like sunsets.
Kissin on you could have been a good country song IMHO
I like sunsets is a song about my three fav things…sunsets, rainbows, and kissin
thanks for the kind words my friend

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Hey STM This one was a time waster and product of a nasty cold rainy day. It isn’t very good, but fun to glue together. On another note, i have been messin with our colab and having some decent progress. I got your lead in there now, but I still liked the first version better. I will send you a pm when it is in better shape and you can tell me then if your like where and how it sits in the mix. Much to do yet. I won’t give up on it tho. Too much fun went into this. later dude

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Those first couple of chords sound similar to a song of mine, but not sure which song of mine because I have hundreds of them. And I doubt I was the first to play those 2 chords, haha. Very nice song. Nice guitar playing, singing, and audio quality!

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