I feel Alive Once Again

another fun one. Song 3 from the 5/5 challenge im doing

Bash all of it, song, performance, mix etc. It was pretty loose though, the point of the challenge just to be to FINISH songs, not go for perfection

for this one I had laid down the music a few days ago. So all I had to do today was lay down vocals and I also added the lead guitar parts. Still took about 6 hours lol

for this song challenge we were given these 10 words and we were supposed to use at least 5 of them:

Snow Stopped Forest Awake Inhale
Cracks Glitter Fence Backwards Clears

“I Feel Alive Once Again”

once the glitter starts to fade
you see the cracks inside the life that you’ve made
once the air begins to clear
you start to question what you used to hold dear

I leave the city with a friend, into the forest we descend
sometimes you gotta go backwards to begin again

All the snow coming down, it really turns your head right around
All the wind in the trees, it really brings me down to my knees
All the clouds and the rain, they take away all my pain
I awake, on the land, I feel alive once again

if you feel that your soul is frail
What you need is a big inhale


Down by the oceans roar
I feel my Spirit soar

I’m liking this song more than any of your other songs. It sounds like you’ve worked more of the parts out also. I mean, it sounds more complete. Put this on your first album. Good job, man!

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Very cool.

What I like most about this is the originality. The lyrics are great, very relatable, and completely devoid of the cliches one might expect to find in this genre.

I think you’ve really found your artistic voice - kudos! :+1:

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Dunno. It was day 3 of a 5/5 songwriting challenge. The drum/guitar/bass music was written a few days ago just like any other music ive ever written (just written for its own sake with no forethought or idea about lyrics or vocal melodies)

Then I just added the vocals on top of it

Backing up and looking at the bigger picture, its one of the RARE songs ive done where there is actually bass guitar, vocal, harmonies AND some lead work. As you say, most of mine are “incomplete” like that. If we think about pro songs we start to thick about all the added percussion and stuff like keyboard padding that doesnt stick out but its there and we see why they sound good etc. I love to listen to songs like Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Hold me’ with earphones because there is SO much going on lol

Also I didnt really strain too much on the vocals lol.

Thanks for the words, JonJon

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yeah, not bad for something completely done while laying in bed lol