I don't fit in

I wrote this week’s song about a friend who has almost no friends. Lyrics are hard to make them fit a situation and still rhyme. my voice failing…demo form

I don’t fit in

I don’t need no influence … I live by what I see
but unlike them…. my mind is pure and free
Do not place a label here… I just can not be like them
There ways have not a common thing with me

I don’t fit in I won’t live a lie.
No way to please them I won’t even try.

I don’t need no stimulation hurtfull words your condemnations
I think yawl should turn the dial… find yourselves another station
I don’t need no fancy clothes yur inner circles nosey nose
Quietness and peace is what I’ve chose

A soaring bird…a breaking wave a butterfly upon my hand
I slide my toes into the warming sand
Rustle bustle there is none…academic gibberish…
Can not compete….with this morning sun
I won’t change……my freedom I’ve won…from all of them…I had to run

Finally they stopped buggin me…and I have found serenity again and peace

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Take care of that voice of yours! It actually works perfect for this song (my opinion). I really think it adds to the emotion for the listener. Great job on the song!! :beerbanger:

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Hi guy I have a bad case of tinitus again. i just finished the lyrics for Clyde the parrot. ha ha I might win the contest be default if no one else answers the call?

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Hi Paul,
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!
Another gem of a song!
With love and admiration,

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Per usual, your song sounds quite nice all around! No gripes.

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