I do these crazy things that I do

The dude loves the ladies but he knows he is playing with fire.

I do these crazy things that I do… and it will kill me

Hand in hand she’s with this guy… winked at me …goes walkin by

her red hair looked like lightning from heaven

Finely they did separate …so I did not hesitate …I found myself with her at the bar

I do these crazy things that I do… and it will kill me

There’s a time for common sense…but there won’t be no suspense

There’s a danger here there’s a con…se…quence there’s a temp…ta…shun to bare

look out look out … trouble looms… she’s given me a dare

I do these crazy things that I do… and it will kill me

Neither of us turned our heads …she asked if I was good in bed good in bed

And if I had a willingness to die

I said I play out on the edge this choice encounter I will hedge

I might not be the only one to die

I do these crazy things that I do… and it will kill me

A chance siting so exciting …full of mystery…

A chance siting so exciting…she’s got control of me

Slap me in the head …slap me good… kick me too …I wish you would

Never been a pretty woman I don’t want …specially one who likes to flaunt

Gimme that look… read ya like a book …took the bait …and I got hooked

Trouble is always been my best friend …do or die until the end

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I am really digging this. The vocals and guitars are killer, bass is solid. I might just be tempted to say take out some of the boinginess on the toms. That is just a taste thing. Thanks for sharing.

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Hi Eric

Glad you like it. I am a sucker for toms. I remember in our band our drummer would always start 'brown sugar and rock and roll all night and party every day with the toms. ha ha
Do you have any hints on how to remove, as you say “some of the bonginess” out of the toms.

Haha… another shady character from the chronicles of Paul’s Rouge’s Gallery :scream: :laughing:

Singing in character in the first person is always much edgier, and the music really matches the mood here. I dig the chromatic guitar figure doing the James Bond cadence - it works well. You’ve really improved with your drum tracks, Paul - this is really engaging.

I’m finding the vocal a little “honkey” sounding, though. Maybe pulling out some mids in the vocal around 1k mark would help.

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You could pull some out with an eq or I would probably control the sustain a bit with boz’s trangressor or another transient designer. I don’t know any others because well once you trangressor. Anyway any plugin that allows you to play with the sustain. Again though this is just a taste thing.

Hi Eric Yeah, I would have all of Boz’s stuff if I knew how to use them. I am starting to use EQ. I don’t use compression. I just chop segments that are too loud and reduce them by a few db’s. ha ha Takes a while tho. I will have to look up what the offending frequency on those toms is and try something. I’ll mess it, thanks

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I have them all and am lucky to achieve anything close to what you do the old fashioned way, dude!

I always look forward to hearing your new songs. You are prolific, and I enjoy your style. Very straightforward pop rock this time especially, good work vocally. The clashy guitar chords fit very well in the song. The drums sound tasty as they are to me, but I’m not an expert. This had a slight Tom Petty vibe to me.