I didn't know you

I didn't know you

Hello everyone. I picked up the recording stuff after a long time away from it. This is a song started last night. I just piece together a verse chorus to get an listen to see if they matched each other. I think I want to try and finish this song, but I am at that worked on it for 24 straight point, and I am dizzy and not sure what the hell it really sounds like now. I thought I would post this on here for some feedback before I start at it again. I know there is a ton of stuff wrong, like the delay on the chorus is off to the wrong timing. I guess my bash request is should there be a bass guitar or lower the mega verb on vocals? Whatever you think you want to say, let it rip.



Sounds really nice!

I think the production can been cleaned up and refined but you can definitely get the vibe of the song the way you have it recorded here.

The drums sound “off” at times. There’s certain fills or patterns that seem to fight with the music a bit. I think the toms might seem a bit out of place (might just be the sound of those particular toms/ drums) and the kick might be a bit too fat, round and deep. That might be particularly problematic on certain playback devices.

I like the vocals but there’s a spot at 20 seconds where there’s “whoosh” in the vocal when you say “WAS” a race". Probably too much SPL hitting the mic. This sounds like it was close mic’d (the vocals) so it’s easy to get those big waves of consonants especially. Those Ssss need to be watched too but I’m being really picky here. Overall you got a really nice vibe going on.

I would bring in some bass as you build up the song towards the chorus and on the chorus. You could build the song up towards the middle and then bring it back down towards the end. Whatever suits your taste.

Great work!

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Well first of all was it fun to get back in the saddle again? Sounds good to be me for a demo for sure. kinda think a little more variety in the first vox notes. I have the vocal in one ear? Not sure if that was your intension. Sweet and tender voice. Instruments sounded very nice. Great potential here, can’t wait for the finished product.

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I like that reverb - Nice! Great tune. For some reason your writing style - melodies, vocals, chords etc. - reminds me of this Aussie band from the early 2000’s

I kinda like the out of time delay - it’s just the right amount of wrong for me. One thing I don’t quite get is the right-panned vocal. I think it would be better in the centre.

Cool track - I’m interested to see how it develops!

Loving the dreamy stream-of-consciousness vibe to this…
I’m rather liking the swirl of the vocal reverb but my ear feels confused by the right-pan of vox whereas I was expecting it centrestage. Lovely vibe to this… there are some nuts and bolts to tweak, a few timing bits, but sounding really cool! Has that emotionally-compelling hook for me that I always really enjoy.