I Did an Acapella Way Cool Jr., Someone Want to Collaborate On A Ratt Cover? My Voice is an Angel If Beau Hill Can See This, I'll be a Session Vocalist for You, That's How Confident I Am in My Superior Singing Abilities Bashing Welcome

My equipment is on the fritz, so I had to use a crappy USB microphone, but I layered it with era appropriate reverb! Let’s do Ratt!

Sounds like you’re singing in a god damn parking garage, but that is what Pearcy had on him. I can practically hear your throat being torn apart with those WAAAAYS towards the end. Love how you don’t have the conviction to learn or look up the lyrics, just an impromptu Ratt cover? Nice high scream at the end, you can do it better than Pearcy can nowadays sadly. I bet you a million Pearcy could never do a scream like that. What note is that, anyone? @Lophophora You seem to be a master at determining that kind of thing, what note is that scream at the end?

I’m honing in my vocal skills @emma, and @Stan_Halen.

That’s a G#

G#5 according to my tuner. I’m a human dynamo!